UPDATE: Lies from Gaza

The war with Gaza is slowly, but surely getting out of control. If you are speaking about 2,000 people death, the extension will speak of several tens of thousands of death in the form of a war. The Israelis are being pushed too far and if the world and the Palestinians don’t look out, Hamas will be ended. The Israelis on the streets have enough of the lies and deceit of the Palestinians. They went too far this time. I think that Israel is now going to radicalize, the first time in its history and the results will not be pretty for the hate spewing Palestinians.

In Gaza, Hamas’ propaganda channel, Al-Aqsa TV, and on the official PATV channel, a constantly stream of hate is being broadcasted. On a daily basis, the media incites Palestinians to become martyrs and kill any Jew, delegitimize the Jewish state and produces ridiculous statements like that Jews are stealing water from the Palestinians, they use Palestinian blood in Israeli bread, steal Palestinian food and products, keep Gaza poor and hungry, etc.
In this site, many of those stories are published about the lying and the cheating and manipulations of the world press. 5/9/2014 – Click here for the details.

  • The World Health Organization has reported that Palestinians have the eighth-highest obesity rate in the world and the third highest among women. Many of the Palestinian women suffer of obesity, because of the large amount of food they eat and too less or no exercise.
  • Israel restricts the transfer of food, notebooks and crayons to Gaza? No. Israel restricts the transfer of weaponry and so-called dual-use materials that could be turned into weapons.
  • The Gaza blockade is implemented because of the gross misuse by Hamas and was approved by the EU, Egypt and of course Israel. EU canceled that time their observer status and went home.
  • The largest contributor of humanitarian aid to Gaza is Israel.
  • Israel exports volumes of water to the West Bank, greatly in excess of what is mandated by the Oslo Accords.
  • Each time a ceasefire occurs in Gaza, citizens run to the ATM, get cash and buy food in the markets and shops, which overflow with food. Where is all that money coming from? And the food? Right, from Israel of course.
  • Many Israeli food products are stored in large storage facilities and kept there, because Hamas does not want to show that they are liars.
  • 98% of all statements from Hamas are lies. An example of the three Israeli teens kidnappings, where Hamas denied involvement, but now admits. Another example of the previous conflict with Hamas and Israel, where Israel claimed to have killed 700 Hamas operators and combatants. In that time Hamas claimed only 50 of them are killed, but later admitted that there were indeed 700 Hamas combatants killed.
  • The published lists of people killed in Gaza claimed about 80% of them to be Palestinian citizens. Careful analyses of those lists shows that Hamas lies again and its highly likely that the claims of the IDF is accurate and 50% of the total number of death are civilians. 5/9/2014 – Click here for the article about the cynical use of lies and deceit to win a war.

When you visit Israel now and talk to the people on the street and listen to what they say now, you will be surprised what you hear. “Death to the Arabs”, “Nuke them all”, “Bomb Gaza to the ground”, “Kill Hamas for ever”, “Move in and take over”, “Move in and dump those idiot Arabs in the sea”, etc.

Israelis in general are a fair people, many of them with liberal views, and live in freedom in Israel. Many Israeli Arabs know that and for them it is the same too. They are more free then most of the Arabs in the Middle East.
When the rockets started to fall from Gaza, the people here in Israel took it as usual and the liberal views did not go away. But the lies and deceit of Hamas and the Palestinians are touching a core of raw frustration in many Israelis. Enough is enough.

9ff44-hamas-victory-590-li-2This might be seen as a warning for the Palestinians. If they continue their lies and deceit, they will pay a heavy price, which they might not recover from so easy. For one thing, they need to be prepared to live without Hamas.
The dirty and cheap politics from the UN is also not helping at all. They are triggering more extreme reactions from the Israelis.

Until now, this mess in Gaza is a conflict. But Israelis wants to have a war. If you then speak about numbers of expected death, you need to count at least several tens of thousands of people will die.

5/9/2014 – Now it’s September the 5th, 2014. The Palestinians and Hamas is still not done with lies and deceit. Here is a list of the common lies for the population in Gaza.

  • America is soon to be destroyed, because all the tornadoes will drown everyone in America.
  • ISIS is good, because they will take care for us, gives us jobs and money and freedom (in June 2014, 13% of the Palestinians support ISIS, 16% in France).
  • Iran will soon have the atomic bomb and will throw it on Israel!
  • Very soon, the world will start killing Arabs, because they are ruled by the Jews, who wants to have revenge.
  • Jews will soon start stealing Palestinian babies to be sold.
  • The Palestinians have beaten Israel so much, that they surrendered! Hamas is the strongest army of the Middle East. ISIS loves Hamas and proposed to be their partner to kill Jews.
  • Hamas is very close to free Jerusalem and soon everyone can live there and the Jews will be pushed into the sea.
  • At the moment money will come in, the highest priority is Hamas, because they need more weapons, bigger firepower and more bombs and of course cement for the new tunnels to kill the Zionist enemy.

In the mean time, Hamas seems to have lost their best support from Qatar and they are very isolated. 

Syria, Lebanon, the State of Palestine and Jordan have a record a high adult literacy rate of more then 90%. Those people can’t read a newspaper and they also don’t want. They don’t go to school, because they don’t want to go to school! About a bit more then 8% of the people want to go to school!
The same for their children, their parents don’t want them to go to school (except the 8%). 
The UN sponsored schools are institutions, which supplies education, except that Hamas defines what studies and what study materials are being used at school.
But most of the Palestinians claim that they are religious and Allah is great and dead to the infidels and Jews. Many of those Palestinians who can’t read have their knowledge in Islam from others, and that is not much. Many Jews knows more about Islam then the Islamic people in Gaza.
Some new and interesting facts about Hamas and the conflict between Israel and Hamas:
d864c-anti2brocket2bsystem2bhamasIf Israel really wants to ‘hurt’ Hamas and all other terror organizations, they must force those Palestinians to go to school. The same laws as in Israel where each child must receive an education. That would teach those dogmatic people something else and the support to the extremists will melt away like snow for the sun.

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