The commander and the intelligence

When a country is fighting a war, it need certain things to be able to fight successfully. It needs a commander.

The commander is so important, because if the commander is not able, the army will fail.
If the commander is a civilian and in charge of a modern army, the army fails too. That what’s happening currently with the US and ISIS and what happened with Israel and Hamas.

The next thing the commander needs is intelligence. If the intelligence is lacking, or incomplete or incorrect, the army will lose too.

The commander must have the freedom to act in realtime. When intelligence comes in, the commander might act on that information before it’s too late.

So what does Obama do? He reads his daily intelligence partly or not at all.
Any major move or action in the war needs to be approved by him.
He might be the President, and upper commander of the US forces, but he is not a military man and in  public he made it clear he don’t trust them.

Also, loads of intelligence is about specific technical substance, which is hard to understand, and that includes strategy.

Those poor admirals and generals. Seeing and experiencing incompetence on a daily basis is eating on their nerves.

I know exactly what they feel. Working in the commercial industry, the so called hi-tech, I work constantly with people who don’t understand their own computers, and then try to explain what an imploding relationship is in a database table.

And that is not all, the ignorance continues. The commander is then in the need to announce strategic information to the newspapers.

If the man does not receive positive news from the military, he makes it up himself.

And look out, he has a mean character, because when a leader criticises him, he will not forget it and he waits until he can hit back at the leader, what happened with Netanyahu. And look out, dear Turkish President, you will follow. Don’t believe me, talk with President Putin of Russia.

And then you must listen at what the commander is saying. Too many times the press and media knew things, which came as an absolute surprise to him, and he dares to blame the intelligence community. They reported many facts already to him months ago, but Obama never read those reports. He still doesn’t.

In similar situations, I produce PowerPoint presentations next to the actual technical documentation.

Ever time when I work for a ‘sick’ organization, it’s always the same.

When I was working in the NATO, and a person like Obama should work there too, he would be kicked out of the NATO, because he would be an actual danger.

He is now in charge of the most powerful army in the world and he’s doing everything in his power to reduce that. If I was the enemy, this would be the time of an attack before America is wising up.

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