Increased Chance of Global War, thanks to Obama

c3410-cartoon_obama26sheikh1_xlargeI’ve no idea how President Obama must feel at the moment, after not only the international press is doubting his policies fighting ISIS, and his senior military advisers as well, and many of his allies too, now many of his senior staff in his administration are getting alarmed. I suspect he feels very confused.

Now the fool is thinking about changing his policies trying to tackle the Syrian regime first, blaming it for the growth of ISIS.

This move has the potential to explode straight into his face, as well expanding the conflict to a global scale into the risk of an all shooting war, where Russia and the NATO will be involved in.

For several months Russia is causing the military tension to increase and the world is confused. It’s not clear why this is happening. The loud announcements from the Russians to upgrade their military spending, their air forces, their fleets, submarines and their atomic weapons is not helping as well.

The Russian exercises to simulate attacks on the US, and that near the US borders, is a huge sign on the wall that Russia is bullying and Obama is hiding under his desk and hoping that it goes away.

And Russia is becoming more provocative by the day. It announced to use its long distance bombers to fly in the Gulf of Mexico, near the soft underbelly of the US.
It also moves forces into the Ukraine. It resumed its cold war games with NATO countries. It moves some military forces in position.

All clear signs, which indicates that Russia is prepping up for potential war.

Syria is an old Russian ally. If the US starts to attack Syria, it will be seen as Russia attacking a NATO country.

9e0fd-obama2bspeechingThe impression of the current American President is of confusion, ignorance and impotence.
Currently he is blundering his way through the conflict with ISIS, wasting hundreds of billions of dollars in resources and potentially costing many lives, but the US still has that luxury.
But when Obama starts to fool around with Assad like an elephant in a porcelain shop, the momentum is going to be taken out of his hands and it will be uncontrollable.

If Russia would launch an atomic attack on the United States, I somehow doubt that Obama gives the command to strike back.
If North Korea would attack South Korea, I doubt that Obama would give the permission to assist South Korea militarily.
If Russia decides to invade Ukraine, I doubt that he will lift a finger to help them.

Now it’s time for countries like Russia, North Korea, China to grab what they can, or even do the unbelievable, to attack the US directly, because the US is paralyzed by its President.

The risk of war becomes greater by the day.

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