The Repeated Stupidity of the Palestinians

When I was young, I had a friend, who insisted that we played chess, even that he lost ever time we played. He came daily home with me from school and played his losing game. After more then two years and hundreds of chess games, I asked him why he continued to play. He answered that at least one time he wanted to win. A week later I let him win and indeed, that was the last time we played together. In that time I was regional chess champion.

Now we have the Palestinians, who are trying to win a fight with Israel. A fight, by a bunch of lightly armed tugs fighting an regular army! Those tugs do not give up of course, and after another humiliation, they try again, and again, and again, just like my friend.

They change tactics and go after innocent civilians, and kill unarmed children, women, men and you must see the Palestinian people celebrating! And then they get punished of course. Ever time it is the same.

Israel built a wall to separate itself against the Palestinians, and the terror stopped against its civilians. It frustrated the Palestinians enormous. Those tugs could not murder anyone anymore, the poor sods.

But then they found another way, and that’s making noise, loads of noise. And that’s what they are doing, screaming, demanding and finding ways to overcome the walls. And miracle, miracle, they found an other way too. They discovered rockets and tunnels!

Promptly they started to shoot the rockets into Israel, trying to hit civilian areas, but thank goodness they were as incompetent as usual and failed to kill as they intended and were promptly punished off. And they tried the same game again and again they were humiliated and again and again.

The tunnels were dug, and reached straight into Israel, but they failed to use them.

Now they found another way, which suddenly created extra opportunities for the tugs, and that was a fresh injection of cash! We are talking about billions of dollars from the international community! Can you imagine what a beautiful tunnels they can dig? How many beautiful rockets they can buy?

The tugs are integrating their newly acquired weapons, their rockets and tunnels straight between their civilian population (as usual) and anticipating gleefully for the next round of attacks and the resulting punishments.

They see their own ISIS making a mess of things and they are hoping it will fight against the US and Israel, but are disappointed that the ISIS is only murdering fellow Muslims.

They hope that Hezbollah might send its rockets to Israel, but that also does not happen. The Hezbollah gambled on the wrong horse and now they have their own problems.

The newest thing from the Palestinians is their so called Palestinian State.

The miracle looked suddenly to happen and the Palestinians were getting the initiative to actually getting a state in a normal way! Unbelievable! What happened?! They went to the UN, they become members of many organizations and beg many countries to recognize the Palestinian state.

But I was too early, because the tugs are back in their old ways of yelling, screaming, murdering, killing and fighting a losing fight…  again.

It looks like they really don’t want any Palestinian state. They only want to hit Israel were it hurts the most.

It’s like Obama, they rule the top of idiocy, incompetence and ignorance. A bunch of tugs, straight from before the Middle Ages discovering the TV. Tugs with a gun and they act like they are a ‘warrior’. Proud when they at last might manage to kill a child after many attempts.
Frustrated in their hate because they are so easily defeated ever time by an American or Israeli.

Can you imagine, that the world community wants to give those tugs a country? That will be another failed state if the Palestinians would manage that.

What everyone in the world fail to understand is that you can’t give a group of tugs such power, because they will fail. What do you expect from a group of tugs, who can’t read nor write, know how to shoot a gun and how to abuse a woman, worshipping an aggressive religion and hate anyone not them! The history is full of such cases and nobody seems to care.

Abuse a woman I say! How can I claim this?! Terrible, huh?
Birth control? The Palestinian woman looks strangely at her husband. Of course not. Allah will protect them, and voila, another child in the world, more cannon fodder.
And the kids? Those who survive, they want to become a hero, a freedom fighter, fighting against the Jews and America! That’s the best! Much better then a dentist or doctor. School? No way. Better some honest work to help paying for their huge families and their baby machines.

Books? They heard about it, yes. They saw it on TV. They saw the Koran! Yeah. No, they never read a book in their lives. But my nephew can read! Yes, really. No, he also did not read a book in his life!
The Roman empire? Yes, I heard about that. They only liked the Muslims, especially the Palestinians! Yes, the Palestinians lived already in Israel for millions of years and the US and Jews stole their land and the Jews are Nazis and drink the blood of Palestinian children! Yes, really!
Satan you say? Yes, America is Satan, everyone knows that.
Buddha? Hindu? Christ? No, they are all wrong and evil. They need to be killed! They are all wrong! Its only Allah and Allah will help the Muslims kill the unbelievers. And drive the Jews in the sea, kill them all.

Kill the Jews and may Israel burn.

That’s what you hear on the Palestinian streets in Gaza.

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