Evil in politics

The WHO released some statistics about the number of Ebola-death, which was over the 5,000! A week later, the same WHO releases a statement that 7,000 people died and 16,000 are infected. Why the difference, they don’t say.
The number of real death is unknown. The real death are the reported and not reported cases. They have some vague numbers, but it’s exactly that, vague.
At the same time, the UN declared that it stopped feeding 1,600 Syrian refugees, because of budget restrains. Reasons? Politics.

Obama, the American President of the United States declares ISIS not part of the Islamic faith. Most people in the world don’t care. Some people go to the Internet and discover that Obama is lying or the best, he is ignorant or more likely, he applies dirty, outdated politics.

Iraq tries to shutdown the ISIS communications, but discovers links from Iraq to Turkey, to Jordan and even through Israel. Politics again.

Turkey is part of the US led coalition, it says. In the beginning Turkey was hesitant to help, today however it’s supporting the ISIS openly. Dirty politics.

The unbelievable stories that Israel and the US together with the Saudi Arabia was behind the creation of ISIS starts to be unraveled and more proof becomes public that it’s the truth. This is more then the normal dirty politics.

In Israel, Netanyahu is leaning more to right winged politics by the day, becoming more extreme. That does not help the peace and stability. The Palestinians are increasing their campaign of lies and manipulations anywhere they can. Israeli and Palestinian politicians at their dirtiest.

In the mean time, people are dying and suffering. Nobody seems to care.

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