Strange things happening lately

The doctor is always right, they say here in Israel. When you visit the doctor with a common cold, he says “It’s a virus!”. If you have the flu, ‘It’s a virus’. When you have a longue infection, you guess it already, it’s a virus.

It goes better. When you ask to battle an infection of flees or other small insects, his advice is ‘Spray your blankets with K300’, a heavy toxic, poisonous spray to kill insects.

The doctor is not wrong about the virus of course. He is political right. The K300 kills little insects, he’s right about that too. What it does to you, that’s unsaid and for sure not healthy. But he is the doctor and he’s always right.

Same with politics. If Netanyahu claims something, he’s right of course. He is the Prime Minister of Israel after all, and he sounds so manly with his theatrics and deep, sexy voice.

Obama is positioned on top of the increasingly isolated American administration, doing its best to become more and more embarrassed by the day. As a President he’s right of course, but his ‘strange’ behavior goes so extreme, that not many in the world believe in him and his administration. He managed what the doctor and Netanyahu could not do.

What does that mean for me?

That means that I’m slowly but surely being poisoned, that I will lose my job this year when Netanyahu managed to be reelected and the wars in the Middle East will become more terrible then ever.

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