6d979-isis-territorial-planLast year, Obama promised to destroy ISIL (he stubbornly calls it ISIL instead of ISIS). He organized a number of countries together under a coalition and had a strategy ready. The same strategy as he had before the ISIS became a serious pain.

To make a long, painful story short, his strategy was getting an Iraqi government working, training the Iraqi army and bombing ISIS.

After a long, painful and frustrating process, the Iraqi government came indeed together… and promptly nobody heard from them again, then sometimes reports of infighting, discrimination and frustrating noises. Obama is suddenly silent about the new Iraqi government.

Then the hundreds of American advisers. They had arrived indeed. Obama wanted to train the Iraqi army, but there was something strange about that announcement. Before the Americans left Iraq, they invested billions of dollars in training that same army! Where did that training go? And what are those hundreds of new advisers doing then?

After many months of delay, the Americans finally started to train a bunch of people to be able to act like an army. They expect to finish that in 6 months. Originally, he wanted to train Syrian militants, now he trains Iraqi soldiers.

Another part of his wonderful plan was to support a militant group in Syria, so that such group would fight ISIS. He managed so only with the Kurds.

The other part of his strategy is the bombing campaign. They do bomb the ISIS, I mean I assume that they don’t lie about that. They performed 300 bomb runs in a month in the beginning. During the second Persian war, they performed 3000 bomb runs in a day!
Maybe because Obama doesn’t want? Maybe he’s not serious enough? Maybe the American air force can’t find enough targets big enough to bomb? Many times the air force is forced to bomb one jeep with a bomb, which cost ten times more then the jeep.

It was clear from the beginning that Obama’s strategy was not meant to destroy anyone. Now, after more then an half year of bombing and training, the press and all kind of senior specialists are stating that the strategy is failing to destroy ISIS.

But what is constant is the bickering of Obama’s administration about terms and labels. For unknown reasons Obama keeps stating that there is no Islam involved in the fighting, except being a victim.

Obama sees ISIS not as a threat, but the politicians and military… American politicians and American military that is!

There are senior defense specialists, who claim that the US needs 10,000 soldiers on the ground in Iraq.  What a nonsense, because there is also Syria and 10,000 soldiers means about 5,000 soldiers for actual fighting and that’s not enough.

No, if they want to do something against ISIS, then they need to reverse the process, which created ISIS of course. And if you think that they need to begin with the Arabs, think again.

No, it begins on the top with Obama himself. Then with the damaging policies of being political correct. The end of the current policies of trying fighting fire with fire and stop supporting terror groups hoping they might neutralize others in other countries. Show some balls and force countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop supporting anyone with money, weapons and other resources. Neutralize Iran, politically, economically and if needed military. Stop the Russian support. Wait till Assad regime collapse or help it collapse. Finish Hezbollah and Hamas, and move into Syria and Iraq, and secure Afghanistan.
Pay attention to Pakistan and if needed, take Pakistan too. Remove the regimes and perform some nation (re-)building. If Turkey continues as it does now, do the same with them.

The alternative is worse then ever. Iran is attempting to develop the atomic bomb. If they succeed, then they need some years of research before they can mount such bomb on a rocket. Unless they buy that knowledge from Pakistan or North Korea.

Pakistan has already atomic weapons, but that state is quite unstable! ISIS and other Islamic extremists love to take over that country and when they succeed…

When Iran has the atomic bomb, very soon Saudi Arabia and Egypt will have the bomb too.

Can you imagine, a state like Iran, a terror supporting state, which has the atomic bomb! What a blackmail material they have. No western person in the Middle East will be safe. No European country to be safe. It’s a question of two or three years before the first European city will be hit by an atomic bomb.

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