World Leaders and Globalization

Ah! When I hear an American candidate for Presidency talking about the Middle East, I laugh. He even admits that he’s ignorant. “But”, he claims, “I will have many experts!”

Oof. Not good. It sounds like Obama.

In Israel there is the same situation. There are candidates, which are describing their view on Palestinian peace. They prove their ignorance as well. And then we have Netanyahu, who thinks about Iran the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep.


But some Israeli candidates are more honest. They promise their voters that they will receive loads of money and the rest of the citizens can go to hell.

And then we have the more smart ones. Look at Hillery Clinton and how she moves, how she walks, how she looks in the cameras. Listen to the strong baritone voice of Netanyahu. To name two of them, both applying their tricks of mass manipulation of the masses. The only thing what those two want is power and they are willingly to do anything to get or keep it.

And then there is the media, who are in the middle of an identity crisis. Their credentials are under attack, according polls. Some of the media think that they have the role of watching public figures, leaders and governments by hunting them to the extreme. Other media change or disappear.

And suddenly we have certain global groups, like ISIS, who manage to bypass all the media and leaders and governments and laws and borders and armies and distances and multicultural differences and language barriers and social standings… by ‘talking’ to the world population directly.


By using the tools of globalization, the so called social media.

Social media are the tools that the world population is using. There is no ownership involved. Stupid remarks about Twitter is an American owned company might by logically true, but the content of the messages are from the world population.
Like the Internet is not owned by any country, the contents of social media is not owned by anyone else then their authors.
If Twitter is removed, it’s immediately replaced by scores of others.

Social media are now already responsible for social revolutions all around the world. And I’m not talking about large happenings. It’s the billions of people using Facebook to chat with each other and invite each other to parties, come togethers, events and happenings, and all of that on a small scale, but billions of times multiplied. My children’s social lives are not complete without Facebook.

Look at any random place on earth at any given time, you see people with their nose in front of a smart phone. That might be in America or Australia, China, Russia, Middle East, Europe, even on the space station, its all the same.

It’s interesting to watch the media in the Internet. Some of those online newspapers integrate social media in their articles! When that happened, the response is instantly. People use that to supply their opinions.
But many news media, like the BBC, don’t like the fact that some of their articles are not appreciated by the world population. Also those remarks and comments need to be managed by the news media and that cost money and understanding (which often they don’t have).

And now we return to our leaders. Those people are scrutinized every second of their time in power. Their expertise, experience, knowledge and intend are being analyzed by billions in the world in realtime.

All the leaders, who don’t understand the principal of globalization and social media, are bound to fail, and together with them their country or organization.

If I see Hillery Clinton strutting over the stage, like she alone owns the place, she will be rudely awakened when she manage to become President.

The same for the current President Obama, the man has a hard time, you can see it on his face.

When ISIS was moving fighters from Syria to Iraq, it was witnessed in the social media live, before the CIA could capture the moments. ISIS is not doing anything special. They simply engage with people throughout the world, just like anyone else. Leaders, who don’t understand and don’t use social media, are bound to disappear and fail.

The core of the social media is based in the loaded word “constant need”. There is a need, and there are the tools to fulfill that need, and there is in principle the world population to share the it. It’s the basics in marketing and sales… nothing strange if new here.

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