Apocalypse Enforced

Apocalyptic prophecies are a major drive in the Middle East. It gives the Sunni Islamic State the reason to exist. It gives the Shi’ite Iran and Assad the reason to murder hundreds of thousands and prepare to kill many more.
Both Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims prepare themselves to implement the Apocalyptic prophecies foretold by Mohammed. Two huge armies fighting each other before the world will be destroyed by natural disasters and the return of Jesus. According their faith, Jesus will convert to Islam and kill the Christians and the Jews.

Many newspapers are wondering why so many people stream to Syria to join the IS. What they fail to notice is what all those people have in common. They are all Sunni Muslims, converted or not, and they all believe in the apocalyptic prophecies. They believe they are going to fight in the last, great battle.

I’m all supportive for religious freedom. Live and let live and all that Jazz. But this drivel really goes too far. This nonsense needs to be stopped, and destroyed. Just like with the old Nazis.

And guess what? The Shi’ite Muslim country Iran is trying to get the atomic bomb! That Iran is right in the middle of this madness! Guess what they will do with their nuclear weapons in their quest for the Apocalyptic prophecy?
If you read and study that prophecy, you know who will get first hit! I will spell it out for you: Syria, Israel and America (in that order).

All Muslims in the world are speaking about the apocalyptic end of time. Every time when there is a big storm, earthquake or other national disaster, they start to whisper and point fingers. They believe that the whole show starts in Taiwan with a huge natural disaster and the slaughter in the Middle East is nothing else then foreplay.

The Islamic newspapers are full with drivel like that. I’m amazed at the fact that nobody mentions the content of the Arab news media. It’s full with this kind of nonsense, stirring up the masses and preparing them for the slaughter to come. If you hear, read and see what they tell about Obama, you will be shocked. They call him the big Satan.

If you listen to those simpletons, they claim that only Islam is right and the other religions, thousands of years older, are wrong. The simple truth is that those simpletons never read their own religious text, are hardly able to read or write.

And then we have the biggest fool of all in the form of the current President Obama, who allows Iran to have its nuclear weapon after ten years (or earlier when they cheat).
Obama’s ignorance is a grave danger for the world.
In the mean time he is strutting around the White House, plotting to reduce the American armed forces and to neutralize the Senate and to fire any consultant in his administration who dares to counter him.

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