Madness in Syria and Middle East

Islam split into its Sunni and Shi’ite branches during a war over the succession to the leadership of the faith in the generation that followed the Prophet Mohammad’s death in 632.

The hadith, or sayings of the prophet and his companions, have been handed down orally over the centuries and are the most important sources of authority in Islam after the Quran itself. Many date back to those medieval battlefields in what are now Syria and Iraq, where the two main Islamic sects took shape.

The historical texts have become a powerful recruitment tool, quoted across the region from religious festivals in Iraq’s Shi’ite shrine city of Kerbala to videos released by Sunni preachers in the Gulf, and beyond.

“We have here mujahideen from Russia, America, the Philippines,
China, Germany, Belgium, Sudan,
India and Yemen and other places,”
said Sami, a Sunni rebel fighter in
northern Syria. “They are here
because this what the Prophet said
and promised, the Grand Battle is


From all the madness in the world, those simpletons believe in that drivel and see that as an excuse to slaughter more then 220,000 men, women and children and push 7 million people homeless.

My mother always used to say that the biggest murderers were killing people in the name of their god.
And that’s true. Still is.
And they used the name of their god (doesn’t matter from which religion) to rape, torture, perform genocide, or to simply murder.

History is full of those examples, and I’m sad to say that at the current day, not much is changed. At least not in the Middle East and Africa.

With the negotiations about the Iranian bomb, there is the problem of allowing those sane simpletons weapons of mass destruction.

The other simpleton is in his office in the White House, who is foolishly allowing a bunch of barbarians those means of destruction.

Obama likes to disconnect Islam from Islamic extremism, and he is ignorant about this whole mess. This is very dangerous.
This is what Netanyahu warns the world about, even that he doesn’t spell it out.

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