An Example of a major Cyber Attack

A good example of a major cyber attack is Turkey.
1. Electricity outrages in most of the major cities throughout Turkey
2. Huge traffic gridlocks
3. All airports and seaports down,  control towers shutdown
4. All guided defense systems offline, including radars.
5. Broadcasting systems (TV and radio) down
6. Partial communication systems down
It’s not that hard to figure out who’s responsible for those cyber attacks, not? Internal enemies of the Turkey’s President and individuals linked to the Israelis. That’s what happens when the Turks are going too far with their insulting language and oppression. It’s also a warning for Iran.

In the past, the United States had several attempts like now in Turkey too, but their defenses were better, but the Americans sustained damage in the electricity grid and two nuclear reactors. The ones attacking were Russia and China.

Cyber attacks can be divided into two parts: passive and active cyber attacks. The active cyber attacks are devastating if successful like in Turkey, but the passive cyber attacks are potentially the most dangerous. You don’t know if you are under an attack.

Let’s assume that the Israelis want to attack Turkey. With a major cyber attack on Turkey, the Israelis only need to walk into the country with a couple of men and women.
Not so long time ago, the Israelis attacked Iran with a modified computer virus. That virus penetrated the computer systems in the Iranian nuclear research and production centers and caused major damage.

Because of incompetence, ignorance, laziness and lack of understanding, most of the countries throughout the world are open for such devastating cyber attacks.

Because of constantly under threat of destruction, Israel managed to develop offensive and defensive cyber warfare systems, which are truly the most advanced in the world. They are much better then the Russian, Chinese, European and even US systems.

Just as Israel was the only one in the world to fine-tune and finish the original American anti-rocket system with big, demonstrated success in their conflict with the Palestinians in 2014.
Just as develop the best tank in the world and to install the best protection systems for tanks and airplanes, civil as military.


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