The Arab Media

The western world is not aware of what the mainstream Arab media and its preachers are saying, so I will give you a small overview.

Why? Because it’s amusing in so many levels.

According the Arab media, the United States is devastated by natural disasters, the country is broken apart by tornadoes and earthquakes. It’s because of punishment, because they are evil.

America murdered all the poor indians, it’s an evil country, it discriminates blacks, it has slaves, and life in America is bad. The people live on the streets and have nothing to eat, and they are oppressed by the brutal police and army. America kills Muslims and suppress them in the country.

Further the United States is killing Muslims all over the world. They killed Saddam, the good Arab leader who did nothing wrong. They steal the Arab oil, they take their gold.

America supports Israel as the means to kill more Arabs. The Jews have no right in the region, because the Palestinians were there already for thousands of years. The Jews stole their countries. Israel is attacking the Palestinians without any reasons. They bombed without any reasons Gaza. ISIS is created by America and Israel in order to kill more Arabs and Muslims.
The Jewish claims are all lies, and the Americans are all cheaters. Obama is Satan and is more evil then anything. Netanyahu is evil too and only wants to destroy the Palestinians and take their country.
President Sisi from Egypt is a bad man working for Israel. He is a secret Jew and very soon he will be killed.

The people in West Europe are weak and decadent, slowly lowering itself in weakness. They will be destroyed soon and taken over by the many Muslims and Arabs invading Europe at the moment.

Soon the world will be taken over by the Islam, we don’t need to wait long. Allah is sending natural disasters to the world, and spares the Arab world. After the destruction of America, Far East and the takeover of Europe, the world belongs to Islam.
Jesus Christ will resurrect, convert to Islam and will bring (Islamic) world peace.

Science is evil and astronomy is evil beyond anything. They don’t believe in the stars and it’s nothing else then a Jewish trick. They claim that Arab scientists are the best and only ones.

The funny thing is that many Muslims are believing every word. What many hear about Iran bashing America and Israel, is happening already for years everywhere in the Arab world.
They love to change history to their liking. For example, the Holocaust never happened, Hitler was a good man, Palestinians exist already for tens of thousands of years, Islam exists for thousands of years, Adam and Eve were Muslims, Arab countries are the oldest countries in the world, Arab scientists are the best, etc.

In reality, those idiots who produce such garbage are tools and idiots, and those who believe it are even bigger fools and idiots.

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