Personal ‘Image’ as Compensation against Incompetence

What must a leader like Netanyahu or Obama do to compensate the lack of competence? Right, hire an image maker.

Pay attention at Obama, when he dances his way from any steps. The type of clothes he wears, the expression on his face, the way he walks, how he moves his hands and hundreds of other details.
Everything is carefully designed and practiced to give people a different impression of the President.
The man is practicing for hours his facial expressions instead of governing. He receives intensive instruction to hide himself to present his country and the world a false picture of who he really is.

Except his eyes.

Then we have Netanyahu, who receives the same instruction. Years ago he changed his clothes, similar as Obama’s clothes. But with Netanyahu, his baritone is his strongest weapon. If you listen to a speech with Netanyahu, pay attention on the effective drop in tone, when he almost start to purr, followed by a lashing, using his baritone to the biggest extend, entraining his public, that…  and together with his carefully designed expressions on his face.

Both men spent an awful time in front of mirrors, to give a false impression to the populace of something they are not: leaders.

The whole world is waiting for leadership, which doesn’t come.
In the Middle East, they are used to bluffers and pretty boys, so they realize what Obama really is quickly.
Netanyahu is part of the Middle East.

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