Israel, Love It, Hate It

Once an extraordinary man dwelled through the country, performing miracles left and right. He removed demons, cured the incurables, raising people from the death, changed water into wine and fed thousands of people. His name was Jesus Christ. With his death, Christianity grew worldwide. It became even the official religion for the most powerful empire on earth, the Roman empire. Christianity itself led to the Roman Catholic church, which ruled spiritually throughout the western world. It’s values became part of the western civilization.

For many of the Christian religious people, the land of Israel is holy.
For the Muslims, the Christian Holy city Jerusalem, contains the second most holiest place, where their prophet Mohammed went to heaven.
For the Jews, Jerusalem is their capital in Israel and their historical place for worship, because of the Jewish temple.
Devastating, barbaric wars have been fought multiple times by all parties, each claiming ownership.

Jews claim ownership of the lands of Israel. Their reasons are that Jews lived historically in Israel and their religion claims that Israel is promised to the Jews by God himself.
Muslims have a hard time believing this of course.
Christians agree, because Christianity believes exactly that.

The forefather of the Jews and Arabs was Abraham, coming originally from Sumer, in Iraq and Iran.

You can state, using the historical claims, that the roots of the Jews are not in Israel, but Sumer, just like the Arabs.

Ignoring the religious claims, Jews conquered Israel and removed the Canaan people, who lived in Israel before the Jews and Arabs and Palestinians.
The forefathers of the Palestinians (the Fishing People), who conquered Gaza after the Jews were already occupying Israel and were originally from Crete.

During all the claims of multiple peoples, the land was drenched in blood. The crusaders arrived around the year 1,000 with the intension to save Jerusalem from the Arabs, because they believed that Jerusalem was a Christian city. Arabs removed them hundreds of years later.
That triggered multiple crusades, one more successful then the other. One thing was sure, the number of dead was staggering and the barbaric killings were unprecedented. In those times, the Mongols were threatening anything else and their killing sprays went up to 60 million people in Asia, Middle East and East Europe.

Islam was born in about the year 1,400, and caused the confusion to increase, including the number of dead.

Claims and counterclaims from those historical times until now are dominating in Israel, the Middle East and the rest of the world. Everyone can make a claim, everyone is right of course, whatever the claim is, but the reality is, that there is a strong nation with the name Israel. That nation is not going away. The Arabs have their own nations, and Islam is ruling there.
The Palestinians are here as well, in Gaza, spread through the Middle East as refugees and the West Bank. They want to have the same as Israel has, a nation. Many of the Palestinians want to kill the Jews and take their country. The majority of the Palestinians want to have their state, the ability to live a life and build their future.

After many years of conflict, the issue of the Palestinian state is still not realized. Jewish claims of ownership of Israel is based on conquest, whatever their holy book claims, the same as the Palestinians.
If an Palestinian state can be established is still unknown. Too many factors are involved in the process.

The old conflict between Suni and Shi’ite Muslims is involved in the process, dirty politics are involved, nationalists are involved, ignorance and naif people are involved, false historical claims are involved, lies, cheating, aggression, expansionism, threats, destruction, imperialism, and much more is involved.

Christianity is reformed over time, Islamism is not, oil a resource for money and power, weapons as tools for expansionism, power over others, old, stagnated civilization trying to survive globalization. So many factors are influencing such process directly and indirectly.

Israel, many love it, many hate it.

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