Tent Cities in Nepal… and Tel Aviv

While tent cities in the capital of Nepal popup everywhere, the same happened and happens in Tel Aviv and surroundings.

Over the years, the tent cities grew in Tel Aviv, and Netanyahu ignored them as not relevant. But when Nepal was hit by an earthquake, Netanyahu was quick to send help to the victims, preferable Israeli victims first of course, and as usual, ignore the tent cities in Tel Aviv.

It’s cynical what Netanyahu is doing, proudly claiming to the world how Israel helps another state if they need it. Playing cheap politics, while his own people are suffering, while Palestinians are still homeless in Gaza.

The reasons why those Palestinians are homeless are because of him. The reasons why the Israelis are homeless are also because of him.

The costs for the Israelis to build their tent cities are their own and the city. The same for the Palestinians.

Instead of spending huge sums of money on defence, they could spend a fraction of that money to take care of the Israelis citizens, even the Palestinians.

Just like his friend Obama, he is a cynical leader.

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