Cartoons and Islam is in the news, again. Before yelling about using cartoons with Islam is good or bad, you need to know what a cartoon actually is.

A cartoon is a not realistic drawing or painting, intended for satire,
Humor or caricature (source).

Here are some statements.
A cartoon about President Obama is acceptable, even when it is intended as satire, humor and/or caricature.
A cartoon is part of the freedom of speech.
A cartoon about police is acceptable.
A cartoon about a country is acceptable.
A cartoon about a religion is equally acceptable.
A cartoon about Jesus is acceptable.
A cartoon about Vishnu, Moses, Abraham, God, and all other religious figures are also acceptable.
A cartoon about anyone and anything is acceptable.

Why is a cartoon about Mohammed not acceptable?
A cartoon about Mohammed is acceptable.

A cartoon about myself is NOT nice, but acceptable.

Those ignorant persons, who claim that cartoons about Mohammed are not acceptable, don’t know what a cartoon is. Some like to call such statement as political correct, but that is such a dangerous statement and insults the founders of western civilization.

Too many people died in fighting the right of freedom of speech. Our society is based and build on the principles of the freedom of speech.

Now one step further. The reaction against the Mohammed cartoons is a call of killing its artists! And not only the announcement, but actually killing them! That, is beyond any doubt unacceptable. Violent intimidation is unacceptable.

It is the reaction of a politician leader attempting to be political correct.
It is the reaction of a leader to put a stop to those crimes.

I personally think that people have the choice between freedom or slavery.
Killing artists because of their art is suppression, not freedom. In western civilization killing is a crime. Accepting the fact that it will be bad to make fun about anyone and anything, except Muhammad, is totally wrong. It’s violent intimidation.

Criticizing Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam is acceptable. Nobody, except Islam, disagrees with that. Attempts to violent intimidation is unacceptable and needs to addressed immediately.

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