Obama’s Legacy – the One Who Caused Nuclear Weapon Race

President Obama has a problem. His fancy dream of his presumed legacy of nuclear non-proliferation is being threatened. It night be overshadowed by his involuntary legacy as the one causing a nuclear weapon race.

Strong rumors tell that Saudi Arabia bought several nuclear weapons from Pakistan years ago. Those weapons were stored in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia. It is known that Saudi Arabia bought ballistic missiles from the Chinese a time ago, directed at Iran and Israel.

The current negotiations for a nuclear agreement make many nations uneasy. If Iran would not cheat it might have nuclear weapons after ten years.

Saudi Arabia announced today that the country is considering to have a nuclear weapon of their own to protect themselves from the Iranians.
“Our allies don’t listen to us”, the Saudi head of a research center tells, referring to Obama. “Knowing the track record of the Iranians, they will have a nuclear weapon for sure and as fast as possible.”

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