To Make Israel Happy Again

In Israel, a normal citizen pays an average of NIS1,930 for their shoppings, and that’s only for basic food. That’s extremely expensive. Only Norway and Switzerland are more expensive. Salaries in Israel are very low compared with European countries.

My sister visited Israel years ago. She lived in Holland. She was shocked when she discovered the prices. “Extremely expensive”, she said that time. Now the prices are even more expensive.

The Israelis who visited Europe know that too. You can easily eat royally with 6 people for NIS 100. I want to see that happening in Israel.

With the average price of basic food NIS 1,930 per month, the social welfare NIS 1,500 per month, it’s no wonder why people are hungry in this country.

To make Israel happy, start from the basics. Or start raising the salaries or lower the prices or do both.

To reduce the security problems, make peace. Give the Palestinians their country, if they like it or not, normalize relations with the Arab world and focus on trade, more jobs,  more money.

Fire the incompetent clerks at most ministries and hire better ones. Redo the education system in Israel, include adult education too.

Don’t allow politicians with a criminal record. Don’t allow politicians without proper education.

Revamp the election system once and forever, so incompetent politicians can’t destroy Israel again.

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