How to attack the US with Nuclear Weapons?

You need the following components to get away with this.

1. Multiple atomic bombs
2. Multiple ships
3. Multiple cargo airplanes

1. Place atomic bombs within the ships and send them to strategical locations in and around the US.
2. Place atomic bombs in cargo planes and send them to the US.
3. Synchronize ships and planes.
4. Detonate the bombs in the ships
5. At the same time detonate bombs in airplanes while diving to the ground.

Atomic explosion
Atomic explosion

The US will not survive such attack. They don’t even need any fancy rockets, airplanes will do nicely, just like terrorists did during 9/11.

There are thousands of cargo planes flying over the United States with unknown cargo. The actual inspection takes place after the plane has landed, which will be far too late.
Ships (cargo) will be inspected in the harbors. Atomic devices can be detonated right before inspection or close to the coast. Such attacks will take out all coastal cities and installations.
The cargo planes will takeout the rest.

President Obama
This is a very dangerous President. He is risking a nuclear Holocaust!

With his idiotic play with words, the President is not prepared to determine a possibility of a major nuclear attack from a Muslim country.
For unclear reasons, he is avoiding the connection between terror, extremism and Islam. That means his risk assessment is at fault.
His political ambitions dominate the US security needs and requirements.

Attacking the US with nuclear weapons by ship and cargo planes are possible with good preparation and organization. An extremist state or organization like ISIS or Iran is able and willingly to launch such attack.
Neither ISIS or Iran has such weapons, yet. But Iran can develop them. The risk that Obama takes is unacceptable high.

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