Increased Threats against the US

What was once the threat against the US existence from a few countries by military means, now the US faces multiple threats by mega terror, nuclear attacks, chemical, biological and electronic attacks in huge numbers.

Nuclear Threats
Nuclear Threats

Nuclear Threats
The old enemies from the time since the Cold War were never really defeated. There are still a number of countries, which possesses nuclear weapons. The likely hood of a nuclear conflict between those countries might be decreased, but it still exists.
But, the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons has increased.
Some of those countries are not stable countries, like North Korea and Pakistan. Pakistan might be overrun or taken over by Islamic extremists. North Korea is ruled by a very unstable dictator, who is unpredictable and threatened the US multiple times with nuclear attacks and he has the means to do so.
A country like Iran is a very big risk for the survival of the US, if they manage to get nuclear weapons. The likely hood of using a nuclear weapon is big, directly or by third countries and/or groups.
Delivery vehicles don’t need to be rockets or other technological entities. A normal cargo ship or cargo plane full of nuclear weapons is as fatal for the US as a rocket and very hard to defend itself against.
A clever prepared nuclear attack on the US is likely destroy the country.
Technological advancements are also a potential threat for the US. A suitcase atomic bomb or a dirty bomb is able to destroy a city easily. Again, a clever prepared attack with such small nuclear weapons might be also fatal for the US.

Mega Terror

Death, death and more death. There seems to be no end
Death, death and more death. There seems to be no end

Potentially millions of extremists form a threat against the US. Their ultimate weapon is terror, preferably mega terror with thousands of victims, preferable more.

With the current foreign policy of the current American President Obama, it means only defence against such attacks is allowed instead of stopping potential attacks by its source.
It’s a question of time before a few of those millions of extremists are able to penetrate those defenses and perform one or multiple mega terror attacks on America.
With the help of technology and information freely available, it’s relatively easy to build bombs and weapons. Biological and chemical weapons can be developed within the US from the easily available resources.
Active defense against this types of attacks and threats is collecting and analyzing data, which the NSA is doing, covering the whole world, including the US itself.
Attempts to restrict or stop the NSA is similar as suicide. What nobody mentions in the media, other countries have similar systems.

A political threat against the US is existing. This is effective only when the US has a weak president, which it has. With smart politics, American enemies are able to weaken the US.

With politics it is possible to remove foreign US power centers, like in the Far East, Middle East and Europe.
With politics it is possible to weaken the readiness of the armed forces, even to reduce its size and abandon weapon systems and to govern badly and undermining its democracy.
With unresponsible governing, the National debt is increased at dangerous levels, risking the downfall IRS meltdown of the economy.

Never was the threat level for US so high
The power vacuums left behind by the President Obama all over the world, bad government, risky schemes with terrorist supporting states like Iran, ignoring unstable nuclear states like North Korea, reducing the armed forces, undermining the democracy, allowing the growth of failed states, ignoring the problems of mass infiltration at the southern borders of the US, allowing the increase of poverty, refusal acknowledging new threats, producing potential disastrous threats against the US. Never in the history of the US were there so many threats then now.

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