The Truth Nobody Wants to Admit

The Internet is a great thing. And many people are using it, billions of us. But let me guide you to some information, which shows you what is really going on with Islamic extremism, ISIS and its Islamic state, Islam and what President Obama is hiding something and why.

Ten million killed by Islamic extremists
Death, death and more death. There seems to be no endGo to the Internet and look for Wikipedia. Search the Wikipedia for the keywords “list of ongoing wars”.
The Wikipedia will present you a list of all wars, which are still going on, with categories like Islamic Insurgents, number of death, countries involved, when war started, etc. You will see that about 95% of all ongoing wars are Islamic based, and fought and started by Islamic extremists. If you would count the number of death, you will see more then 10 million death.

The truth about Islam
Do you know that all holy books from all world religions are published in the Internet? And in all cases, they are published in many languages.

Go to Google search engine and search for the “Islamic law” or the “sharia”. The Islamic law is the so called religious law for Muslims only, if they want to live like a real Muslim. People in Saudi Arabia are living according that law, and so is the Islamic state or ISIS.

If you read the laws, you understand why people get beheaded in Saudi Arabia and in the Islamic state. It tells that people get punished for crimes like stealing, it too much talking nonsense, is insulting Islam, or betrayal, or being a homosexual, etc.

ef906-warIf you want to know more, look for the word “koran” in Google search engine and access one of the many sites, where the Koran is being published. You will see that everything from the Sharia or Islamic law is derived from the Koran. Search for example for the word “beheading” and you see the articles about the commands to behead people. Or the word “kill”. If you would look for the word “love”, you will find commands to love each other and their Islamic brothers, but you don’t find anything about loving your fellow human.

You will see that the Islam is a harsh, hard, cruel religion, nothing what Obama claims about Islam. What Obama is saying is playing with words, and so are the Islamic scholars telling the world.
Forgiveness in Islam? The Koran states that you can forgive only in particular situations and you can only forgive other Muslims. The rest of the world must be or enslaved or killed.

Is ISIS right?
The ISIS is honest with their statements that the Koran commands them to behead people. It’s right to crucify people, to stone women, to rip out a tongue, to kill homosexuals, to rape women, to cut off limps, to have sex with young girls, to execute prisoners, etc. All of the killings are based on the Koran and the Islamic Law and as religious Muslims, it’s their duty to do so.

It also tells why they are fighting. It’s their holy duty to violently convert non believers or kill them.

After reading the Koran and the Islamic Law, listen then what Obama says about Islam, you will discover that Obama is not lying, but playing with words and not telling the truth by withholding information.
Then you also understand the ISIS much better and why they have declared an Islamic state and why it’s so popular with other Muslims and Islamic extremists.
You can also understand why the Muslim population is not protesting or actively fighting the ISIS, Islamic state or Islamic extremism.

Understanding Obama
Obama is praising Islam. He is reluctant to act against ISIS. He refuses to admit that ISIS has anything to do with Islam, he even denies it.

He refuses to admit that extremists are linked to Islam, even when the extremists are obviously Muslims and that they are proud to be one.


It might be a way, which protect America and its allies from terrifying terror attacks. It’s in the interest of ISIS and the Islamic extremists not to poke the dragon in the eye.

It might also that Obama wants to strike a deal with the Iranians. He might ask them to remove the ISIS for him for a price…

Whatever the reason, it does not sound…  kosher.

The news media
I personally would like to know, why no news organization takes all that information and confront Obama and Muslims.

I know that when an organization would do such thing, the threat on their lives will be terrible, and it might take some guts, but this is news, based on facts for everyone to see.

What is Islam really?
ea548-muslims2bin2bthe2bworldIslam is a religion, just like the others. A believer is called a Muslim. An Arab is not necessarily a believer of Islam.

In Islam, you find brotherhood, love, compassion, forgiveness, safety, guidance, but also justice and honor! You belong to a large group of brothers all over the world.

But there is also a side of Islam, which is harsh and even cruel in western eyes. If a Muslim breaks a holy law, he will be punished harshly. He’s not going to jail, but receives punishments directly.

Also there is no place for equality between men and women.
Also homosexual people will be killed.

Also Islam is harsh to anyone, who is not a Muslim. Within Islam, there are fractions, which fight each other and claiming that the other fraction is not truly Islam and must be killed.

The Islam is based on the Koran. Mohammed is the prophet, which received the knowledge of the Koran. He is holy. His life is an example for all Muslims, or it suppose to be. ISIS is doing that exactly. Muslims living in western countries can’t, because they will come into conflict with the laws of their hosting country.

The Koran states that the whole world must be Islamic and only then we can live our lives as Muslims and in peace.

The Jihad or Holy War is a means to spread the Islam, or to defend Islam against enemies. That’s what ISIS is doing.
According the Koran, every Muslim must fight in the Jihad when it’s called.
When you don’t, you betray Islam and deserve to die. And that means that they can cut your head of.

Without the harshness, Islam is a nice religion, but with the Sharia and Koran not.

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