The World War

Compare increases of mortalities during lockdown

What is the definition of a world war? A world war is a war affecting most of the world’s most powerful and populous countries. World wars span multiple countries on multiple continents, with battles fought in multiple theaters. (Wikipedia)

  1. In WW1, 32 countries were involved and 16 million people died.
  2. In WW2, nearly every country in the world participated, which killed 60 million people.
  3. Currently, 43 different conflicts in 41 countries are in war with 10,286,912 death until now and is still counting.

If that is not a World War according the definition, then I don’t know it anymore.

Let’s break down the numbers, shall we? Here is a small list of current (larger) conflicts.

  • The conflict started in 1948 and is still busy. It’s a conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, which caused totally 22000 death. Only in 2014, 1463 people died in the latest flare of fighting.
  • The conflict in Afghanistan started at 1978 and caused almost or about 2 million death.
  • The conflict in Somali started at 1991 and cost a half million death.
  • The conflict in Nigeria started at 1999 and cost 10700 death. Just in 2014, 5000 people died.
  • The conflict in North-West Pakistan started in 2004 and cost 52000 death.
  • The war in Mexico started in 2006 and cost more then 150000 death.
  • The war in Egypt started in 2011 and cost 4300 death.
  • The conflict in Syria started in 2011 and cost more then 251000 death.
  • The conflict in Iraq started in 2011 and cost more then 22000 death.
  • The war in Central African Republic started in 2012 and cost 2000 death.
  • The war in South Sudan started in 2013 and cost 10000 death.
  • The war in Ukraine started in 2014 and cost 1126 death.

The total number of death from those small list of current wars is 3,025,126!

And then we have 31 other wars being fought mainly in Africa and Asia (but some of them also in Europe and the Americas) with the number of death 7,261,786!

  • We have 23 wars going on in Asia.
  • We have 12 wars going on in Africa.
  • We have 3 wars going on in South America.
  • We have 2 wars going on in North America.
  • We have 3 wars going on in Europe.
  • There are 31 wars, where Islamist are involved (75%).
  • There are 5 civil wars currently occurring.
  • There are 15 insurgencies currently occurring, 91% Islamist militants.

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  1. Short and to the point. Yes, indeed it sounds terrible.
    A question. Where did you get all those numbers?

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