Fight against Islamic Extremism 2

The American involvement
One facet of the policy of the current American administration is to stop the American involvement in wars throughout the world.

The current President Obama finished the process started by his predecessor President Bush, to pull out American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That process was well defined in the case of Afghanistan, but not in Iraq. In Iraq that process was still being negotiated with the Iraqi government while President Obama came to power. President Obama completed those negotiations quickly and removed the American forces in Iraq. He left behind a dangerous power vacuum.
In Afghanistan, that process was already negotiated and agreed upon by all parties under President Bush. The results were a longer process, but without power vacuum.

Another facet of the American policy is Islam. The American administration sees Islam in the most positive way possible. That policy made the administration’s position difficult with the creation of ISIS, the Islamic state and Islamic extremists.

When the ISIS managed to defeat the Iraqi army, and successfully defeated many other Islamic extremist groups in Syria and successfully beat the Syrian army multiple times and to expand their territory in Iraq and Syria, the American administration was finally forced to react.

With their view of Islam, it would be a conflict with their policies to acknowledge ISIS or the Islamic state as Islamic. It goes further. Extremist groups around the world, whose members are only Muslims, were not being defined as Islamic by the American administration.

The position of the administration is that terrorists and extremists are not necessarily Islamic and here stops their reasoning. Some people states that the label Islamic is not being used by the administration as being politically correct. The administration is afraid to insult Islamic people and states if the administration would acknowledge ISIS, Islamic state and Islamic extremists as Islamic.

The barbaric deeds of the ISIS with their extreme forms of executing people can’t be associated with Islam, because in the administration’s view, Islam is a peaceful religion.

That said, President Obama finally took the initiative by creating a coalition of 60 countries against What the administration calls the ISIL and what the rest of the world calls the ISIS.

ISIL suggests the domination of the Middle East and northern Africa, while the ISIS suggests Iraq and Syria. It’s not sure why the American administration insists to call the Islamic extremists ISIL, instead of ISIS.

The coalition was being created under the leadership of President Obama and the intentions made clear and its strategy defined.

The intention is to reduce and finally to destroy ISIL, which may take multiple years to accomplish.
The strategy of the campaign is based on several factors. A creation of a government in Iraq, which includes all fractions in Iraq. The military support of militant groups currently fighting in Syria, which would be used to actually fight ISIS and would be the facto “boots on the ground”. The Iraqi army would be revamped and retrained in order to recapture Iraqi territory by ISIL. The combined air forces of the American led coalition would assist the “boots on the ground” and reduce the resources of the ISIL. Furthermore the administration would try to stop funding and to destroy means of income of ISIL.

After six months of campaigning against the ISIS by the coalition, several things are clear. One facet of the campaign is particularly important to mention.
It is without any doubt that there is the lack of good intelligence and understanding of ISIS.
It’s not that the American military and its intelligence do not understand ISIS, or that they don’t have intelligence about them, complete or not, but the American administration refuses to acknowledge and accept the intelligence.

Several times the administration received intelligence of pending attacks by ISIS, and an imminent response was required, but it took the administration several weeks to respond.
The military intelligence is reporting the President all issues related with security worldwide. But the President Obama refused to read the reports, he ignored them. That was the reason that he had no idea who ISIS was one month after the start of their campaign.

The relationship between the President and the military is restraint. So is his relationship between him and the senate, which is now ruled by the Republicans. Obama’s accomplishments like Obamacare and immigration are constantly under attack.
The President must use his executive powers more and more, because the American democratic methods of governing are increasingly being restricted and he is constantly attacked by his political opponents.

His relationship with the press is increasingly restrained as well. The President’s view about extremists are met by astonishment and bafflement, as his view about everything related with Islam.

All of those factors together brings a grim picture of a President, who is becoming isolated nationally. It becomes increasingly difficult to govern his country, and there are still two years left before he and his administration can be replaced.

Extremism on the rise

Death, death and more death. There seems to be no end
Death, death and more death. There seems to be no end

We have Syria and Iraq, who are being torn apart by uprisings, invasions, supressions, mass killings, refugees, civilian unrest and more. Above that all, there is also the creation and the core of the Islamic state.
We have Pakistan, which plays host for several groups of Islamic extremists and is not as stable as they like. It has also rising tensions with India.
We have Yemen, which received military support from America, and were promptly overrun by Iranian supported Islamic extremists.
We have Lebanon, who is threatened by ISIS, and plays host for the Iranian supported Hezbollah.
The Hezbollah is actively fighting with the Syrian President Assad and its regime against multiple Sunni Islamic extremists. Now Hezbollah is threatening Israel at the same time. Like Pakistan, Lebanon is not stable. It plays host for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.
We have Turkey, which plays host for millions of Syrian refugees, and has its own political agenda with the coalition and Assad of Syria and the Islamic state.
We have Libya, which is in a large civil unrest and collapsed. In the same Libya, the ISIS has a strong presence!
In Egypt, the ISIS presence is also becoming clear with the support of Hamas.
Hamas, integrating with the Palestinians in Gaza, is planning the destruction of Israel, and supported by Iran. Hamas has now very bad relationships with Egypt. Further they cause the hardship of the Palestinians and work against any future peace agreement between Palestinians and Israel.

In Africa, several countries are now collapsing because of uprisings, invasions, battles between Islamic extremist groups and government forces.

The world attention is focused only on Syria and Iraq, while the actual rise of Islamic extremism is in Africa.

Those countries with a strong presence of Islamic extremists have serious problems. Thousands, sometimes millions of dead civilians, genocides is common in such countries.
Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Arab states are supporting different Islamic extremist groups, fighting for dominance. America is doing the same with the help of the secret services like the CIA, the same for France.
Only in Africa, dozen countries are fighting for survival and some of them have already collapsed.
All of the Islamic extremist groups are brutal. They target preferable citizens and they murder them on the spot after raping their women. They prefer women and children, many of them also taken into slavery.

From 9/11 on, there are about 10 million death because of the Islamic extremists.
That number sounds extreme, but true. Go to the list if ongoing conflicts in the world and count them. 95% of all ongoing conflicts are dominated by Islamic extremists.

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