Fight against Islamic Extremism 3

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The rise of Islamic extremism can be found in the Middle East and Africa. This is a serious threat for the world peace.

In the Middle East, we see ISIS, an Islamic extremist group, declaring an Islamic state. Many Islamic extremists are drawn to the Islamic state.
Further we see other Islamic extremists fighting in other Middle Eastern countries, supported by Iran, Saudi Arabia, the US and others.
In Africa, many Islamic extremists are involved in a hidden war to take over countries and to expand their influence globally.
Islamic extremists are waging these wars already for more then 10 years. Millions of people are killed in this process and it’s likely that many will follow.

President Obama does not want to acknowledge that those extremists are Islamic extremists, even when 100% of those extremists are Islamic.

That is a potentially dangerous situation, because if more African and Middle Eastern countries are taken over by Islamic extremists, the strategical balance will be changed.

Fight against extremism
Death, death and more death. There seems to be no endMost of the Islamic extremist groups know not to push the buttons too far of a country like America.
If those extremists manage to perform a mega terror attack on America, the response will be immediate.
The American population will demand a drastic retribution, but Obama will be reluctant to do so.
How strange it sounds, Obama’s policies are protecting the United States, and its allies from mega terror attacks until now.

So, the violence is likely to stay with the countries they already have penetrated.

Until now, the Islamic extremists managed to stay under the radar of the world and get away with the millions of death.
The Islamic state demands loads of world attention and that is potentially dangerous for other areas of conflicts involving Islamic extremism.

Until this moment of writing, there are several battles raging against Islamic extremism.

First of all, we have the low oil price, which disables many oil states to support Islamic extremists with weapons and funds.
Then we have the coalition of 60 countries under leadership of Obama, who keep the ISIS in check.
The split in the Islamic world between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims keep them fighting each other and makes it more difficult to overcome a country.
Secret services from various countries are also involved in the battles, trying to keep the fights hidden and under control.


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