Stop the NSA?

Do you want that the NSA stops collecting data and analyze your data?
What about the Russian FSB, the Chinese 3PLA, the French PRISM or Frenchelon, or the Dutch MIVD, or the Israeli Unit 8200 or the British GCHQ? The FSB, 3PLA, GCHQ and the Unit 8200, along with the Iranian version of the NSA are all fully integrated within the American society.

  • The Dutch MIVD are the most software driven professionals of the whole bunch, but they lack the financial resources.
  • The French Frenchelon focuses especially on local and specifically selected nations.
  • The Russian FSB focuses on industrial espionage and many individuals, who are not a threats to Russia, but to gain power.
  • The Chinese 3PLA is also focusing on espionage, as internal threats.
  • The British GCHQ looks the most like the American NSA.

The NSA is focusing on everything, everyone in any place in the world. Their software designs are surprisingly not as advanced as the Dutch MIVD, but after error and trial they do their job.

The NSA is the only organization in the world, which is subject to scrutiny, while the rest is collecting and analyzing without any restrictions, except the MIVD.

If an American citizen is worried about their privacy, be asured that his or her name and private information is registered in many computer systems all over the world.

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