Human suffering

When you read this article, hopefully you are at home or work, sitting safely behind your computer or mobile somewhere nice. This is an article about human suffering.

When ISIS is beheading a person, it’s not that they are using a sword to behead a person … only one moment of pain and that’s it! No, it takes several minutes when the person is lucky. They take a knife and start cutting the neck. Sometimes it takes up to minutes, or 5 minutes or even 10 minutes! And the victim is aware! The suffering… the pain, the fear, the knowledge that it will be over… under extreme duress!

Do you want me to describe a crucifixion in detail? That process takes much longer! Or what about a rape? Or something much better, they gorge your eyes out, rip your tongue out of your mouth and slowly cut out your heart. Expertly they let you suffer as long as possible!

What about burying you alive? That might take minutes, but they can expertly expand that to hours, even days before you die.

Plain torture, huh? And that in the modern times! Brutes from the ISIS let those victims lay where are for days.

Enslavement. They take a young girl, 13 years old and decide that she makes a fine slave. Do you know what they will do to her?
What about a girl of 10? Maybe 8 years old? Or a young woman of 20? Maybe 30?

The Nazis designed camps to collect thousands of people. Babies, girls and boys of all ages, older men and women, men and women of any ago were packed together as animals, or worse then that! They design processes and methods to kill them all as much and fast as possible.
There were so many bodies, they were forced to create ovens to burn the bodies.

The world hasn’t learn those lessons of inhuman behavior.

Under large buildings everywhere in the Middle East, people are locked up and tortured till death.

Also in some countries, like Syria, the government uses gas to sadistically kill women and children.

Purposefully they drive millions of people out of their homes. Those people are packed together in camps, living a miserable existence. They lost everything except their lives.

The terrifying sound of explosions when a population is under bombardment is beyond believe, and the victims of those bombardments look horrifyingly torn apart, some of them are still alive!

The crimes committed elsewhere are staggering! There are no words in any language to describe the suffering of millions of people.

The civilized world is allowing the human suffering to continue.

The American President Obama is trying to play political games, actually hinder his own efforts to stop the suffering.
The rest of the civilized world is suspiciously quiet.

Not the national and international press, they report many instances of the suffering constantly. The leaders and governments though keep silent. Oh, they make statements! They use hours to talk without saying anything. Downplay everything. Increase security, which is already increased. Refuse to address the penetrators of the human suffering, refuse to point to those groups.

Until now it’s a ‘far from my bed’ show for the people in the civilized countries.
Just like it was right before any major war.

The United Nations is strangely quiet and sidelined. The powerful leader of the free world is not taking up leadership.

In a society of Israel, in 2008 the TV reported that people lived homeless and some of them died! Everyone demanded action and the government acted accordingly. The government took them all from the streets. Today nobody cares anymore. The news reports are still reporting it, but it’s just that, one of the many reports out there. Now that human suffering is just a subject of statistics.

The same with the inhuman leaders, torturing and murdering their own population. We had Saddam, who was taken down by the free world. Now we have Assad, murdering his own population and nobody cares. He is unopposed for years murdering his people. It’s reported in detail what he does. Sadistically, there are organizations counting the victims in detail.
Do those inhuman leaders have or need a reason to murder?

Then we’re back to ISIS. Do they have a reason? They claim that their interpretation of the Koran forces them to do what they do. Their graphic murders and executions are material for propaganda.
The warlords, who love to slaughter anyone, are replaced by extremists, who use Islam to murder, kill and torture. The so called Islamic extremists.

Genocides in Turkey, especially right after the first World War, was a living nightmare. The Turkeys authorities drove people in an enclosed area, invited the international diplomats and the local population. The local population started the genocide, which took a day to complete; everyone died in the most terrible ways.

Finally some words about all that human suffering.
The free world has the resources to stop all of that. They don’t.
A country like Israel has the resources to take homeless people from the streets within several days, but the government chooses not to do that. The same for any other government in the free world.

If the world is at peace, we all live like kings, science will be for the populations, for us. Life expectancy, quality of life will go up straight into the sky.
Just like globalization, the Internet came in use between the waves of global conflicts. At this moment, the next wave of global conflict is up and growing.

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