Is Obama Dark Lord Voldemort or Dobby, the House Elf?

Two years to go before President Obama will be replaced as president. That’s a long time and who knows what will happen. At the moment, I’ve a question. Does Obama looks like Voldemort or Dobby, characters from the Harry Potter universe? Voldemort is the evil Dark Lord and Dobby is the little house elf with his big ears. Why do I think so?

America is lucky until now. With its superior army, it would be hard to hurt it, not? That’s of course correct, unless it’s mismanaged.
Like in Yemen. The American embassy was forced to flee and to leave all their weapons behind, cars too. We are talking about American marines, one of the best soldiers in the world! It couldn’t be more embarrassing.

And in Yemen the embarrassment does not stop there. The CIA is very active in that country and monitors terrorists in the country. The CIA is already for weeks reporting to Obama, that the US embassy is in danger. But do you think that Obama believes them? Or even read the security reports? The truth is that he knew it, but as usual, he prefers to “sleep first”, and then he might make a decision. Reality was, that the terrorists were faster then the Obama’s reaction time of several weeks.

In Iraq, ISIS managed to expand its territory and took another city. That city was near a large military airfield, used by American military advisors. We must thank the Iraqi army, because they managed to protect the poor American soldiers against the bad ISIS hordes.
The airfield has no defences, but the micromanager Obama, who feels he’s suddenly a military strategist, orders to defend it against ISIS.

Obama Treason
Obama Treason

Then we take a look at the air campaign against ISIS. Intelligence is collecting targets and managed by the Americans. Obama is micromanaging the target list and decides how many sorties can be flown per day. About 5-10 targets a day can be bombed by American and/or coalition members. There are about 35,000 targets in the database. That’s 1,750 – 3,500 days of bombing (that’s between 4-8 years). And of course Obama’s administration must manually approve each target before it can be bombed. The majority of those targets are buildings somewhere, which might once been used by ISIS ot not. A copy of that database is available in the Dark Internet.

And then we have the poor people being held by ISIS to be executed. Obama announced to the world and families to do anything to free them. British and French intelligence services told him exactly where those poor people were held. Obama choose his normal way of making hard decisions, and slept on it. He slept for a month and made finally the decision. He was so surprised that the special forces reported that the captives were not there anymore!

And then his new “warplan” against ISIS, which he sent to the American senate to be approved.
It’s so clear to me what Obama is trying to do. He does not need any approval, he simply wants to delay and to divide.

Two years people! Two very long years!! I hope the American soldiers continue to be lucky, but I expect any day that American lives will be lost in Africa or Middle East.

Honestly, Obama reminds me about incompetent Minister Fudge, the head of the magical ministry, ISIS as the evil death eaters, the micromanaged US army as the house elves.

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