The Dark Internet

The Dark Internet has also other names. A more proper name is “The Hidden Internet”.

The Dark Internet is nothing else then a part of the Internet, which is not being indexed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Hence the name Hidden Internet.

And the hidden Internet is much bigger then the Internet, which is known by the search engines. Actually, the hidden Internet is 10 times bigger then the known Internet. This number is not an actual fact, but an educated guess. Honestly, nobody knows it size.

Why is there a hidden Internet?
Multiple reasons.

If you create a new website, you belong to the hidden Internet. Especially when you don’t have a domain name yet. The search engines did not index your site yet.

A domain name is an unique name, followed by an extension, separated by a decimal point. For example or or or In a browser, you can enter the domain name to access the site. Alternatively, instead of using a domain name, the site has an IP number. This number is unique per site. For example might be a valid IP address.

Another reason for belonging to the hidden Internet is if the domain name is blacklisted by the search engines. For example when the domain name is listed as a site, which displays child porn.

Another reason is by choice. You create a site, and optionally you create a complicated domain name, like it something like that. The visitors to your site come to the site only by invitation.

What can you find there?
Anything and everything. From hidden sites to buy and/or sell weapons, drugs, services to your daily shopping, till Facebook like sites, sites like twitter, the biggest discussion boards ever, many sites like eBay (auction sites). In the hidden Internet, you really can buy anything.
There are no laws, no restrictions, you can do, say, sell, buy anything.

Another very important facet of the hidden Internet is security. The basic, default of access to the hidden Internet is hiding your identity, location and any trace where or what or who you are. For this you need to use a special browser. An example of such browser is tor.
This browser is adopted to keep your privacy private and nobody and nothing can trace you.

Many sites in the hidden Internet can only be accessed with such browser.

For example, you can find the ISIS discussion boards in the hidden Internet, where you can chat with one of the terrorist live.
You can also find any book ever published, as any music, or any movie or clip or full grown training materials.

Why is it also called the Dark Internet?
There is no law. Nobody monitors anyone, there are no restrictions. So, if someone wants to offer or buy something extreme, like hard drugs, stolen goods, slaves, porn, child and/or animal sex, intelligence data, security related data, credit cards, online bank accounts, company accounts and much more, you can find it there.

For example the following. Some hackers are hacking (breaking illegally into) a website belonging to a large company, like an insurance company, they copy as much as possible data, which is promptly offered for sale in the hidden Internet.

Law enforcement
The law enforcement… police, Intelligence and other law services and armies of freelancers are looking into the hidden Internet, trying to shut it down. That is impossible because of the following reasons:
1. There are billions of websites in the Hidden Internet.
2. None of the websites, and its owners, and its visitors can be traced to anyone or anything.

How to find anything in the Hidden Internet
There are some search engines, which work only in the hidden Internet. But those search engines only can index about one percent of all available content.

The only way to find your way in the hidden Internet is by invitation. For this, you need to access the many discussion boards and chat with the people there.

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