Why do Muslims hate the US and westerns so much?

Countries like Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan,
Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Lebanon are in (political and social) chaos.
The reason is the despair against corrupted rulers, who are kept in power by mainly western countries, with the US as the frontrunner.

The populations of those Muslim countries hate the fact that western countries keep their corrupted leaders in power and perform crimes, murders and killings on the Muslim populations and get away with it.

Additionally, extremists dive into the Islamic history, where they learn that they are being used (for example as Mujahedeen), and later labeled as terrorists.

Then we have the difference of Muslims and Islamic extremists.
Islam, as a religion, is faith-based.
The sectarian-defined extremism
of the Wahhabist movement, or
Salafi, is more of an Islamo-
Fascist political movement. Both streams are embedded into Islam and this is clearly the basis why Obama is stating that ISIS is not representing Islam.

He forgets that a country like Saudi Arabia is Wahhabist based. Islamo-Fascist political movement is a word from scholars, and it sounds great, but it’s part of the Islamic life and must be addressed accordingly. It’s a reality after all and the drive behind the growth of Islamic extremism, Islamic or not.

Another factor is the Islamic faith, which is based on their holy book, the Koran. Islam in general is a faith-based religion, as stated before. The content of their Koran contain sections, which were normal 1,400 years ago, but are seen as barbaric in modern times.
The Wahhabist movement, or Salafi, as the Islamo-Fascist political movement, is not only political… the roots are all based in the same Koran.

Obama clearly does not see it that way. ISIS and other extremist organizations are Salafi-Islamic organizations.

Growth of the Islamic Extremism

Islamic Extremism
Islamic Extremism

The Islamic Extremism is growing rapidly. And it is clear where it is growing and also why it’s growing.
All countries, with a strong Muslim presence or an Islamic country, with corrupt and weak rulers, are in active conflict with Islamic extremists. Those are, for the time being: Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Lebanon. Why for the time being? It’s a domino effect. When one goes down, others will or might follow.
Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon are currently fighting the Islamic extremism.
Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan are already failed states and lost to Islamic extremism.

A special note here is Pakistan. That country has the atomic bomb. If that country might succumb to Islamic extremism, the consequences are dire.

The American (dis)Connection
By most of the Muslims, America is seen as evil, supporting many corrupt Arabic leaders and actively harming many Muslims unpunished.

Obama knows this of course. His policies are based on none confrontable actions. Also a factor is that Obama’s policies about extremism are unclear and confusing for all. Islamic extremists see those policies as a weakness, which it is, because Islamic extremism is growing rapidly.
Obama labels the extremism as violent extremism. Why? Because it’s a political movement, which corrupts the Islam. A political movement is not a religion after all, by the definition of the word. In the best case, it’s a political movement with a ideology.

Obama does not want to increase the hate of the Muslims for America, so he prefers no confrontations with Muslims. The current bombing campaign against ISIS is permissible, because he labels the (Salafi-Islamic) ISIS as violent extremists, nothing else then a violent political movement with a violent ideology.

The worrying aspect of the behavior of the president of America, President Obama, is that the leader is increasingly disconnected to America and the rest of the world.

He keeps the real reasons for his foreign policies for himself, especially about possible confrontations.
His relationship between the Senate and him is becoming increasingly difficult as well. He threatens them!

Obama furthermore is using any means to avoid being forced to a confrontation. He is attempting to repeat the “trick” to be dragged into the war in Syria by suddenly involving the Senate (his red line using chemical weapons). He is doing the same by ‘asking’ ‘permission’ of the Senate, while he legally really doesn’t need. But at least it gives him breathing space and release of the constant political pressure.

Another aspect is Obama and his micromanagement of existing campaigns. Because of his vague policies, the fear and inability to manage large organizations like the US military, the disconnections between him and the rest of his government, he’s unable to allow the US forces to do their job.

His disability of making decisions on the spot, makes his micromanagement a huge problem. Many times when a decision was required almost immediate, he responded only after weeks or months.

While Obama is already in power for six years, the distance between him and the military is growing, just like the distance between Obama and the Senate and the IRS and the national press and the list is growing.

His need for micromanagement is becoming dangerous. For example the presence of extremists in Yemen and the CIA and the US embassy. He got away with it with only extreme embarrassment.
Another crisis is building in Iraq, where 320 American military advisers are being surrounded by ISIS. The risk of confrontation is very high. I can’t help to wonder if Obama will try to repeat the Yemen embarrassment by forcing the 320 advisers to hand over their weapons again.

And there are two years left with Obama in power and I’m afraid we do not see the end of it.

Stopping the Islamic Extremism
Thinking about the reasons for the growth and reasons of the Islamic extremism, it’s logical that steps must be undertaken to reverse the trend and stop the reasons for Islamic extremism.

The problem here is the order of the steps. Fighting and stopping Islamic extremism will cause more hate and increasing the reasons for the Islamic extremism.
Another big reason is that corrupt leaders of many countries must be removed and replaced by something more suitable.

Currently it’s impossible to do that. Only when the Islamic extremism is reaching its peak, and many countries are taken over by them, it is possible to address the Islamic extremism.

If the Islamic extremism is addressed now, it will continue to linger and fester and continues somewhere else.

ee22d-gazaDangerous hate against America and other western countries and civilization in growing by many Muslims in the world.
The Israeli-Arab conflict is not helping, it only increases the hate.
Corrupt and evil leaders in many Muslim countries are still there, performing their slaughter and genocides with the help of external countries.
Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, Iran, and the US are actively supporting existing Arab leaders.

The Muslim populations are being murdered and slaughtered and oppressed by their leaders thanks to the support of other countries. Extremism is strongly on the rise.

Countries, which are traditionally sending their military, like against Saddam, are staying passive this time and Islamic extremists are seeing this as a weakness, rightfully so.

Disasters? Plenty of chances for disasters.
One of the following countries can collapse and Islamic extremists take power: Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
A country like Pakistan is most likely the trigger, which might increase the involvement of other countries.
The mega terror attacks in countries might trigger unwelcome reactions.
The genocides and suffering of millions.
Nuclear confrontations might be possible.


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