The Rise of Middle East Extremism, Part III

Compare increases of infections during lockdown

At this moment, the conflict is being contained in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.
In Lebanon there is still a government, but dominated by the Shi’ite flavored Syrian government, with Sunni and Shi’ite populations and Shi’ite extremist groups like Hezbollah, which is actively supported by Iran. Lebanon is looking wearily at the approaching ISIS and the incursions of Sunni insurgents in their territory.
Iran and Saudi Arabia are providing military and financial support with the US in order to defends itself against the expected ISIS hordes.

Syria and Iraq are slowly but surely being torn apart by Sunni extremists, and defended by mainly Shi’ite (like or dominated) governments.

But for the rest of the world, the conflicts and war is mainly limitedly contained in these countries. This containment is mainly because of the strategy of ISIS, and not the results of the American led coalition or any other country.

But there is more going on and that is not contained and is an obvious part of the ISIS strategy.

It’s the problem of refugees.

Only in Syria, there are several millions of refugees, which flew to the neighboring countries, like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. That, added to the hundreds of thousands of refugees from Iraq, this is causing some serious problems.

First, those refugees, many of them are Sunnis, disrupting and destabilizing those countries.
Second, the UN, which limited resources are already stretched, are even stretched more, especially with the Ebola crisis, currently happening in Western Africa.
Thirdly, a common strategy, ISIS infiltrated those refugees for sure, aiding the destabilization.

In Turkey, the refugees are dumped in camps. In Lebanon too, but less extreme and many refugees try to integrate themselves in the Lebanese society, and causes power struggles in the Shi’ite dominated Lebanon.
In Jordan, the refugee camps are located far away of population centers.

Those refugees are not likely to go away. As long as ISIS is in Syria and Iraq, the refugees are very likely to stay in the camps and causes additional problems and billions of dollars from the international community. And that is also not the end.

It is a part of the ISIS strategy to drive tens of millions of refugees to the neighboring countries in order to destabilizing them and even the United Nations. And they are succeeding with that.

The problem here is not only that this is happening, but nobody seems to care that the refugee problem becomes a major problem so big, that it can’t be contained anymore and tens of billions of dollars are needed to keep the refugees from dying.

Genocides, war crimes
The punishment of betrayal is crucifixion. The punishment of fighting the true Islam is beheading. The punishment for stealing is cutting off your hand, and only staring at a woman is cutting off you finger(s).  For cursing the Koran is cutting out your tongue, before being murdered, for having a relationship with another man you will be stoned. For women of killed non-Muslims, they can be raped and make them a slave. Children from 9 years old can have sexual intercourse with a Muslim man.

Captured soldiers and fighters can be converted by force or executed. All people, not true Muslims can be killed or need to pay taxes.

Those things are happening in the Islamic State. We, a big part of the world, call it genocide and war crimes, true Muslims like within the Islamic State, simply implements the Islamic Law.

Western leaders like President Obama is calling those things not-Muslim crimes. They claim that those terrible acts are not performed by Muslims because Islam is a loving religion.
He tries to demonize the ISIS of course. He also does not realize that it is very easy to proof if that is the case. You simply go to the internet to the many websites, which host the Koran and everyone can see if the Islam is a loving religion.

After the ISIS murdered, raped, executed thousands of Arabs and Muslims, they beheaded three westerns, and only that caught the attention of the world.

At this moment, the world is only moaning, nobody makes a move against the ISIS, and it’s also likely that nothing further will happen.

After the beheading of two journalists, the media attention is not covering much anymore what is happening on the ground. An other successful, well thought out strategy of ISIS.

Worldwide Islamic incursions
At this moment of time, there are more then 50 countries, where Islamic extremist groups are active to murder and kill citizens and fight the government in any way.
The number of death is more then 10 million. Most of those extremists are supported by mainly Islamic states in Africa and specially in the Middle East.
In middle of Africa, the east of Africa and north of Africa, governments are fighting for survival and civilians are slaughtered. The same in Pakistan, India, China, Russia and many other countries.

With the lower oil price, those donor countries are likely to decrease their support, but the Frankensteins are already released.

Many of the Islamic extremists are in the process of imitating the practices of the ISIS. Their terror incursions are turning into holy wars against the unbelievers.

In the definition of a World War, we are indeed deep in the third one, just as the Catholic Pope already stated.

In order to stop the support of Islamic extremism, you cut off the donors. By cutting off the donors, means stop funding the donors by stop buying oil. That’s being done now, the problematic side effects will be a peak in the number of extremists in those donor countries, which will cause more extremism, death and destruction.

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