Palestinian Exodus in 1948

What happened when the Israeli state was created in 1948. Were the Palestinians forcefully removed from Israel or not? Here you can read the actual answer. At the end of the article you can read my conclusion.

Palestinian refugees in 1947

Let’s start with some factual information. There is no discussion possible about those facts, whatever Israel or anyone else may claim.

  • The Palestinians started to leave the land of Israel from December 1947 until November 1948.
  • The Palestinian exodus can be divided into four phases or waves, each wave with its own main reason for the exodus:
  1. December 1947 – March 1948 – 100,000 Palestinians left because of the sense of vulnerability, attacks and fear of attacks.
  2. April–June 1948 – 300,000 Palestinians left because of fear impending attack
  3. July–October 1948 – 100,000 Palestinians left because of attacks and expulsions
  4. October–November 1948 – 230,000 Palestinians left because of attacks and expulsions

From here on a chronological summary of what actually happened during/after the Palestinian exodus.

  • 11 December 1948, the UN created the Resolution 194, which defined a Palestinian Refugee.
  • 8 December 1949, the UN created the UNRWA under resolution 302. The number of refugees was stated on 726,000. In June 1951, this number was reduced to 876,000. Today there are nearly 4 million Palestinian refugees; 33% live on the West Bank, 30% in Jordan, 17% in Syria and Lebanon. 25% of all refugees carry only UNRWA identity cards.
  • 1954, the law Prevention of Infiltration was created. This law prevented many Palestinians to return to their homes in Israel.
  • 1958-1969 Acquisition of depopulated lands. Israel created between 1958 and 1969 four laws, which enabled itself to the acquisition of land in Israel (Prescription Law, 5718-1958. This law, in conjunction with the Land (Settlement of Title) Ordinance (Amendment) Law, 5720-1960, the Land (Settlement of Title) Ordinance (New Version), 5729-1969 and the Land Law, 5729-1969, was designed to revise criteria related to the use and registration of Miri lands in 1943 (Land (Acquisition for Public Purposes) Ordinance (1943). To authorise the confiscation of lands for Government and public purposes.)).
  • 1967, the Israeli resettlement program was designed to give Palestinians land, where they can build their own houses and cities. The UN was against the idea and passed resolutions 31/15 and 34/52, which condemned the program as a violation of the refugees’ “inalienable right of return“, and called upon Israel to stop the program.

Some links about ‘exodus’


I will be short and brief. Here is the conclusion: Yes, without any doubt are the Palestinians removed from their lands when the Jewish settlers arrived in 1948.


Note This article is written based on the information produced by wikipedia.

The map of the Israel between 1948 and 2000
The map of the Middle East between 1020 and 930 BCE. In this map, the Jews make the claims of
the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel. The Palestinians are descended from the
Philistine and can claim that, the same as the Jews can claim theirs.

0 thoughts on “Palestinian Exodus in 1948”

  1. Good article. It's small and to the point. Good research.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. “The number of refugees was stated on 726,000. In June 1951, this number was reduced to 876,000.” Is that reduced?

  3. I can call myself the “son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”, it does not make it true, similarly the Arab population of Israel can claim that they, Palestinians, Falestina, are the very same as the biblical Philistines who were a sea faring people of Greek and Egyptian ancestry. The Hebrew name being Pelishtim and they were descended from the Pathrusim and the Casluhim. In all of this where is the Arab?
    In fact they are not descended from the Philistines, neither are they Yevusi (Jebusites), a Caananite tribe that had temporarily settled the Jerusalem vicinity as Yasser Arafat once claimed but genetic Arabs from Arabia with an Egyptian admixture. In this respect they are almost identical with Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs. In fact the term Palestinian was exclusively used up until the begining of the State of Israel to refer to it's Jewish citizens, the Arabs originally were offende by the term. It was not until the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization aided by the K.G.B. in 1964 that the Arabs of Israel adopted the term. Still there have since been many times where their identity has escaped them when they have referred to their personal identity as the original country within the region that they originally hailed from, be that Egypt, Iraq, Syria etc, this being borne out often by their family names.
    Incidentally, refugee status was handed out to any Arab that had been resident for two years prior.
    An interesting demographical comparison of the rise in the populations of both Arab and Jews from the time that Mark Twain visited The Holy Land in 1867 whilst under the Ottoman Empire through time till the British took custody of the land in 1917, continuing to the declaration of the State Of Israel. Mark Twain described a bleak, malaria infested wilderness, but that was to change with Jews fleeing Pogroms in Russia coming to build a new home and Arabs coming because of the availability of work. It was also official British policy to allow free access of Arabs into the land while restricting the flow of Jews. This had a terrible impact on Jews fleeing the Holocaust in Europe. The number of refugees also has to be calculated to include the changing reality of Eastern Palestine that would become in the 20's Trans Jordan and eventually Jordan, the country divided, not straight down the middle but rather under one third for the Jews and over two thirds for the Arabs, there not being a distinct separate Jordanian identity.

  4. There were no Palestinians before the creation of the Israeli state, I believe.
    The Palestinians where declared Palestinans by the UN. Before that, they were people coming from all over the Middle East.
    Like the heap about Jerusalem. Try to search for Jerusalem in the Koran and you find nothing. Try to search for the Arabic name Jerusalem (what ever thatis), and you find verses about the Jews living there and let them live there. History proofs that Jerusalem is not the third most holliest city for the Islam. That lie is created some 80 years back.
    The Palestinians have no right at all for Jerusalem. They come from the the tribe Fisihing people and specialized in raiding and stealing, until the idiots were trying to attack the Egyption empire and were wiped out as people.
    They raided Gaza and there they lived (the few survivers) and were called the Philistines.

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