If you go to an encyclopedia and lookup Extremism, you can read it like the following:
“Extremism is an ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of a society or to violate common moral standards.”

In the words of my twelve year old daughter, “everything what is too much or too less”.

And of course you have many types of extremists, like Islamic, Christian, Hindu, right-wing and left-wing, Jewish, Sikh, domestic extremism, and the list can go on and on.

If you would ask a Christian extremist if ISIS is Islamic extremistic, then he or she agrees. If you ask if he or she is extremistic, then that person denies it. It goes so far that the extremist is blaming the middle mainstream is corrupted and extremist.

Extremists are bad. Is that true? Any revolution through history, which shaped our society, was performed by extremists, whatever the kind. Examples? American revolution, French revolution, Russian revolution, etc. Some revolutions were very bloody, others less so. Some revolutions caused wars, like the American revolution, others not.

Everytime when extremists popup somewhere, there is something simmering. A social injustice, a sadistic dictator, religious oppression, racial discrimination, National and local identity, physical oppression, slaughter, genocide, poverty, hunger, and this list goes on as well.

So, when you look into the more recent history in the UK, we had the conflict of Protestants and Catholics, the IRA and so the Christian extremists, which were using terror as their weapon and used the population to hide.
Then another example, the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, Hamas and the Islamic Extremists, using terror as their weapon and used the population to hide.
Then there were the Basks in Spain and a lists of those extremists goes on and on.

And now we come to the current extremists, the Islamic extremists. The fact that they are extremists is without any doubts, and the fact that they exist means that something is wrong. That’s for sure. It’s also not hard to determine why they exist. It’s clearly because many Arab and Muslim countries are ruled by dictators, which were and are supported by other countries.

The problem of the current extremists is becoming more complex, because other countries not only support them, they even try to create them for their own political, regional, strategical and economical reasons.
Destabilize a country by creating chaos supporting extremist groups to ‘soften up’ a country.

Examples? The CIA was/is supporting certain Islamic groups, extremists or not, to pressure Assad of Syria and to fight ISIS.
Iran supports Hezbollah and Hamas to fight Israel, the American outpost. Also to support Assad in Syria to fight against the Sunni ISIS. Russia supports Assad to safeguard their strategical position and one of the biggest customer for Russian weapons. Saudi Arabia supports other Islamic extremist groups to fight against Assad and Iran. Qatar supports other extremist groups to fight against Assad. Israel, France, England, Germany, other Gulf states and China doing the same, more or less. All of those countries supporting one or more extremist groups in another country have their reasons, whatever they are, but because of that, the extremist problem gets out of control.

Whoever helped create ISIS, for sure it was not meant to have ISIS fighting everyone like they do now. And the ISIS is becoming more of a threat then anyone could suspect. The ISIS created the Islamic State and is using the same strategies as America, Russia, England, France, Germany, China, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Turkey, Libya were and are using with loads of success.

And still all of those countries continue to meddle in affairs not theirs, to manipulate, to send money and weapons, to educate extremists, the create new extremist groups.
Those countries tell the world that they do good things, to help protecting the poor Muslims, to fight the evil Assad, or the Satan America and its henchman Israel or the bad Sunni or Shi’ite Muslims.
The only thing that they do is causing more destruction, violence, war, conflict, oppression, genocide, misery and death.

That needs to stop immediately. If the ISIS will stop is not likely.

And now we have the politics. President Obama is a very educated, intelligent man, who understands the situation very well. But he’s clearly not a leader. His politics are ruled by confusion and is hesitant in acting. Traditionally the leader of the free world is led by an American president, but with President Obama this is lacking. With the dominance of the Republicans in the American Senate, he’s becoming isolated, which does not help his case. By refusing to label the rising threat, he’s helping the ISIS indirectly.
The European politics are focused inward and none of the European countries are making any initiative, then sometimes fancy speeches without actual content.
Using the political impotence of the free world, countries like Russia are expanding their territory in Ukraine, China becomes more aggressive, and Iran is expanding their influence, and ISIS is spreading.

Extremism is a normal thing and a result of injustice, whatever kind. It’s good, because if them, things change for the better.
But using extremism as a weapon is dangerous. And when the extremism is out of control, that’s very bad for all of us, where ever you live.
By having weak leaders, the extremism only grows until it explodes in our faces.

And now a final note. A warning if you want to all those silly dictators and leaders out there. Through history from the First World War until now, if you attack a country like America, that same America will end you.

Look at the WW II, America managed to produce a battle ship in one day. I’m curious to know what America is now able to do.

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