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4194a-20090112_israelnahostgazaislamdemoseuropaHundreds of millions of Muslims all over the world are nominal Muslims. With other words, they take Islam not serious, they don’t intent to kill apostates. Certain things they might take serious, like it’s forbidden to eat pork, and many Muslims like to see their children marry Muslims if possible.

But millions of other Muslims do take their faith very serious and that’s a problem.

Many westerns are claiming, we need to reform their faith. They point to the Christians and tell that Christianity is also reformed.

It is true that Christians were once violent and intolerant, and they reformed. Or better, their Christian societies did. Christian faith can’t be reformed, it’s more then 2,000 years unchanged and the Christian faith does not know violence and intolerance.

If you compare that with Islam, we have a problem here, because Islam does support very clearly violence and intolerance. And it’s not possible to reform a faith.

Islamic Extremism
Islamic Extremism

Christian reformation over the times decreed that the faith must be followed literally and not interpreted. Those interpretations resulted in the crusades and Inquisition.

Now the Islam. What is called falafism is the name for a similar reformation in the Islam; don’t interpret the Koran, but follow it literally. The Koran, as it is written from the beginning, had many contradictions. There were other books needed as a supplement of the Koran and there are.

The Prophet Muhammad claimed that he and his successors are the best falaf and his and their lives must be an example for every Muslim on earth all times.

That’s a very dangerous statement in the eyes of a western person. If you didn’t know, you would be truly shocked! Everything what the ISIS is doing right now, is what Mohammed, the Prophet did as well. Having intercourse with a 9 year old girl, taking, having and selling slaves, purposefully lying and cheating, beheadings, stoning people, cut off their fingers, hands, arms, legs, tongue, remove their eyes, crucifying people, raping women and children, stealing, robbing, torture, and any other violence as needed, depending on the situation. Then forbid education to their women and daughters, abuse their wives and slaves, use violence in the family if needed.

aef1d-islam6How can the hundreds of millions of nominal Muslims all over the world claim that Mohammed is the true Prophet, but don’t believe him and that his messages are from the only true God, but refuse to follow it? This question is simple to answer. They simply do.

Many Muslims, who are religious Muslims, exclude certain parts of their Koran, like the violent parts, but it’s not restricted to violence only.

If someone asks Muslims if ISIS truly follows Islam, they know that ISIS does. But they also know if the non-Muslims know that, there will be potentially trouble. So what do they do? They lie. And it’s even permitted in the Koran to lie to none-believers.

Millions of Muslims live a life in Western societies and call themselves Muslims openly. Their lifestyle is similar as the local population, and that would normally clash against their Muslim’s faith. In those countries there is freedom of expression and religion and those Muslims fair well.

But some of their children think it’s hypocrisy what their parents and brothers and sisters are doing. Those children truly have problems living like that. So they disappear to ISIS or other similar Islamic groups. We call these groups Islamic extremists.

Islamic extremists are no terrorists, but true believers of the Islam and using terror as one of their tools.

And then there are people, who are operating in the background and using those so called extremists and support them with money, resources and weapons and manipulate them to do their bidding with the purpose to kill the none-believers and to spread the Islam worldwide, another thing from the Koran.

That is what is happening at the moment. Extreme Islamists are fighting in almost 50 countries in the world with a rising death toll of 10 million people.

Breaking the Islam
05b8e-islamist-salafis-set-fire-010The fact that Islam supports violence and intolerance is easy to determine. Go to the internet to a website presenting the Koran and read it yourself. Or buy the Koran and read the book.

It’s not hard to read the Koran, because you can read it in many languages and there are not many pages, compared with the Bible.

Public figures like the American President Obama are claiming in public that the Islam stands for love and compassion. President Obama is not lying, but he ‘forgets’ to mention that love and compassion is only for Muslims and nobody else. Some European leaders aping Obama with those statements. It’s clear that they are manipulating their words for political reasons.

Those people, who support Islamic extremism are mainly located in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf States. You can call those people also the so called Islamic strategists and their intention is to spread Islam. The only way to spread Islam is by violence, according the Koran.

Those Islamic strategists have huge resources and economic power. Their resources are coming from the sales of oil. For example, Saudi Arabia has a normal income of one billion dollars a day.

And the world economy depends on the oil. Without the oil, most economies of the world suffer and might even collapse! What a power have those Gulf states.

Throughout the years, many nations realized that and invested in alternative energy sources and were even able to find oil and gas themselves, but currently not enough. Economies need to grow, world populations grow, so the demand for energy sources grow, so more oil will be sold.

But what happens when the world truly invest in finding other sources of energy?

If that would happen, sales of oil stops, income for many Arab states will stop, support for extremists stops and the murdering, slaughter and killing of innocent people stops and the spread of the violent religion stops too.

Education, standard of living

Violent Islam?
Violent Islam?

Do you know, that between 50%-90% of the Arab population can’t read or write? The Palestinian people for example only 10% are able. Only 6% of the Palestinian people wants to receive an education.

Those numbers are from the United Nations. Some years ago those numbers were even worse.

The average Arab Muslim family contains many children. Because of that, there is always lack of money and the standard of living is low. The difference of rich and poor is huge. The middle-class population is small.

What do you think what happens with a population, which can’t read or write? Indeed, they will be manipulated. Their Imam is telling them whatever they want, and the population believes every word. Most of the population have televisions and what the Imam feeds them weekly during the summon, they hear the same in carefully prepared TV-programs.
The same for all other media, like radio and the newspapers for those who can read.

The weekly summons for the Muslims is with furious speeches from the Imam, filled with hate, lies and accusations. The television is filled with similar content. Their news programs are carefully designed in manipulating the truth.

They tell how evil America is, the same with the Jews and the British. The Imam continues to claim that it is ordered by Mohammed himself to kill the Americans and Israel and rape their wives and daughters and keep or sell them as slaves.

The Internet is similar, except for those who know another language, they have access to other sources.

The propaganda, the indoctrination, the brainwashing is total for the uneducated Arab Muslim masses. If one would force them to admit a truth, they ignore it. They even ignore it at gunpoint.

Then the schools. There are children going to schools, except the curriculum is carefully chosen that it supports mainly Muslim type of subjects. This is for elementary schools, as for middle and high-schools and for universities.

If you compare what’s happening in that world, you can compare it with the Middle Ages.

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