The failure of the global military intelligence


The major powers in the world owns an enormous battery of equipment, that can determine a license plate of any car in the world. They know exactly where each tank, each airplane and each ship is in China, Russia, all over the world … except in Iraq and Syria.The American government and intelligence agencies react confused, astonished and bewildered, in public, that they have no idea who is what and where in the ISIS controlled areas. The reasons why they can’t see in Syria and Iraq is because they don’t have any working intelligence assets on the ground. What is worrying though is, that the intelligence community has no alternatives and don’t know exactly what to do about it.

The normal intelligence tools and methods are not working in Iraq and Syria. If you would draw a map, you would see a big, black hole where ISIS has captured the areas in Iraq and Syria. Why?

(Part of this article is coming from ‘Growing ISIS support – Growing world incompetence‘ on this site.)

Satellites and drones do not work

What is going on?
Or must we doubt the ability to recognize the license plate of a car by satellite?
No. They (the Americans and everyone with those satellites in space surrounding earth) has that ability, except that it is fairly easy to avoid them. Everyone knows which time satellites covers an area and they stay hidden.
The organizational and strategical structure of the ISIS is designed to reduce intelligence gathering by the US and until now, they are very successful. With all the air power in the region, the US is powerless to bomb and to damage ISIS by air strikes.
All the known weaknesses of a normal terrorist organization do not exist in the ISIS. They can’t target the economical pulse of the ISIS, because it is contained within and that is unprecedented, according the Americans. 
It’s a pity that they downgraded military history in the major military academies in the world, because they would learn about the Mongols, more then 808 years ago, who were implementing what ISIS is doing right now to the last letter.

Intelligence people on the ground do not work with ISIS

What works in countries like Afghanistan, does not work with ISIS. 
Many of the intelligence collected in the areas of conflict or interests are done by men on the ground. This can be special units trained to stay hidden in the areas of interests and the only purpose is to observe and report. That can be military units, or intelligence specialists, or local people and it is until now very successful implemented … except with the ISIS … and that is unprecedented, according the Americans.
There are no identifying points of intelligence interests, because the ISIS armies are mobile and move constantly with a speed of 80 km per hour and never using the same route. A man on the ground can report ultimately that 20 vehicles passed him, but has no idea who are in those vehicles, and that is unprecedented, according the Americans.
The location (and identity) of leaders of the ISIS is vague and extremely hard to focus on. In any major action of ISIS, there are two commanders; when during battle, a commander gets taken out, the other commander takes over. There is nobody in ISIS and during battles who knows where and who the commanders are. Infiltration of ISIS is reasonable easy, but that also doesn’t gather any additional information, because ISIS fighters knows as much as you and I, and that is unprecedented, according the Americans.
The only thing what the intelligence community has learned that there are two types of fighters:The senior fighters with the most experience and survivors of previous battles and those who are fighting for the first times. But those experienced, senior fighters are not the commanders. According the news and press releases of the US and UK, they think that they have something.

Incompetence and inability of the intelligence communities

If you read the reports of the intelligence communities in the US and especially in the UK, they come up with all kind of statements, which are not based on educational guesses or assessments, but are nothing else then political announcements. 

At the same time, they are complaining and whining why their toys do not work, why the men on the ground are not reporting anything useful, and that is unprecedented, according the them.
(Part of this article is coming from ‘Growing ISIS support – Growing world incompetence‘ on this site.)

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