Conflict of Civilizations?

Conflict of civilizations
Conflict of civilizations

Catholics exists already for more then 2,000 years and they had a bloody history with suppression, manipulations, torture and death. Over time, the Christian religion started to change. Instead of interpreting their holy book the Bible, they chose to literally live according the bible.

Muslims exist already for more then 1,400 years and they have a bloody history as well, just like the Christian faith. Many Muslims live all over the world and they managed to live peacefully. That meant that they needed to adopt to their new society.


With the appearance of ISIS, the revival of the Islam has officially begun. Also they went back to their roots, just like the Christians had done, hundreds of years ago.


The revival of the Islam, true or not, meant that new Muslims, or what they call ‘real Muslims’, live according to the Koran, not by some interpretation of it. What everyone sees the ISIS is doing, that’s what it means to be a real Muslim.


Civil law is not acceptable anymore. There is the Islamic religious law (Sharia), which will replace it.
Democratic values are not acceptable for the real Muslims, neither are other religions, or anyone who’s not a real Muslim! The only answer to that is forceful conversion or death. The holy duty for each real Muslim is to kill or enslave the non believers.

Currently the Middle East is in flames and it does not look like that the end is in sight. The flames of destruction are already leaking into Africa, Asia and Europe. Examples are France and Belgium, and not to forget Africa with its thousands of dead women and children by Islamic extremists.

Map of Middle East
Map of Middle East

Many European leaders are proclaiming that the Muslim community must step in and start to protest against the ISIS and terror; or Islamic extremists to reduce the tension before the native population will turn on the Muslim population in their countries!

What they actually ask is to speak out against the revival of Islam. President Sisi from Egypt did exactly that with unknown results. But he is not a religious leader.

The global Islamic community stays silent. They are too worried what’s happening with their brothers in the Middle East and Africa.
Several Muslim states are burning, like Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, where millions of Muslims lost everything, including their houses. Other Islamic states are fighting for dominance, using any means to accomplish that. Hundreds of thousands of women and children are murdered and killed, and that number is counting.

52841-muslimactivistsTheir hateful enemy America does not seem willingly anymore to interfere for them, and more Islamic states become at risk of destruction.
Some Muslim states use their oil dollars to support extremist Islamic fighters, but is now being countered by the Saudis with a very low oil price.


And between all that violence, we see the hate propaganda throughout the Muslim world increasing by the local religious leaders in their places of worship. Thousands of young men and women are raised to be fighters, willingly to kill anyone, any non believers.

Nothing what the West is doing is understood. The hundreds of millions of dollars in aid by America is accepted, but many Muslims are seeing this as blood money. Their hate against the West, particularly America is at its peak and can only grow.

Back to the West, the Muslim populations living in Europe and the US, look worried to the situation in the Middle East and are weary about their own situation in their guest countries. They prefer to be silent and out of the attention.

They know that they can’t practice real Islam with the Islamic law (Sharia) in the guest country. They also know that if terror attacks in their country begins or increase, that the native population will notice them.
And when it has been proven that members of their Islamic communities helped… well, then there will be big problems for them.

Think back on what happened with the Japanese community at the beginning of World War II!

But what is the future?

Genocide ISIS style
Genocide ISIS style

The revival of the Islam as it currently happens with the ISIS is not acceptable. Those barbaric acts are not acceptable for any country or religion. It will receive a response from the international community, if they like it or not.

The western civilization is under threat by those who try to attack it and by itself, trying to protect it. Muslims, a religion, not a civilization, represented by 1.5 billion people, spread all over the world, might be a catalyst for dramatic and bloody change.

This clash of a civilization is nothing new in the world history. Hundreds of millions of people have perished in the process, but there is a factor, what is now different compared with the previous clashes. We have TV and especially the internet, instant news for the world population. I’m not sure if the Islam might survive that.

That is what President Putin is experiencing. The poor sod wants to step into the footsteps of his old, great leaders like Stalin and before him, but is met with economical punishments each step on his new military campaign!

Another important factor is the lack of the ability to read and write. In Muslim countries between the 50%-90% of the population can’t. And the population don’t want to study (6% are willingly), they want to work or fight!
Their only source of information is the local religious leaders and the TV, which is under the control of the same leaders.

And their history is being rewritten for the Muslims. According many of them, there was first Islam. The rest are thieves. The same they try with the Holocaust, where 11 million people died, 6.5 million Jews. According many of them, it never happened.
The first World War is by many half forgotten, but many Muslims deny many facts or simpler ignore it totally.

Maybe for us a couple of facts.

  • Arabs are not Muslims. Arabs are people sharing a certain heritage of traditions and locations.
    Muslims are believers in Islam and the highest number of Muslims do not live in the Middle East, but peacefully in Africa.
  • Terrorists are not Islamic extremists! Terrorists can be found everywhere, also in Europe (Ireland, Spain and other European countries).
  • Europeans are not the only ones who can perform a Holocaust! Also Muslim states can do that, like Turkey, who systematically murdered millions of its citizens after the first World War and later did it again! Think about Stalin in Russia after the second World War!
  • Another fact. The Koran is a violent book, commanding death and destruction for non Muslims and love and peace for Muslims.
  • In contrast of our past and history, our democratic voted leaders are under constant scrutiny by the local and world population thanks to the Internet. The requirement of their intelligence and their education is not optional anymore.
  • When the world manages to become independent from the Middle Eastern oil, the ‘shit will hit the pan’ and the Middle East will go back to the times before England and France interfered. It’s not a good investment area for the long term.

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