How to become a monster like ISIS in 5 easy steps

HE YOU! Yes, you, reader. Are you able to behead a person? I mean cut his head of with a knife, sharp or not? Are you able to rape a woman and maybe bury her, but she is not dead yet. Or maybe you are in the mood to cut a child in half? Or maybe you like cutting someones fingers off? What do you say, castrate the man? Or cut out his heart and hold it in your hand for all to see? Do all of those things and you feel great doing it?

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In this article I try to describe how almost everyone can turn in such person. If you don’t believe me, ask any neuroscientist. Why this article? Know your enemy before you understand and then you can start to think how to defeat it. You want to see a list of events, where those things happened in even more terrible ways here described as an example? Click here to read more.

How to become a monster in 5 easy steps

  1. Not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other people, aggression and lack of capacity to share or recognize emotions experienced by another are common responses by people who have been harshly treated themselves.
  2. When the survival depends on the mutual security of a strong group with a dominant leader. This can be defined by religion, racial, political, tribal or clan or a gang-leader, it’s all the same. War bonds people; terrific fear and distress the individual feels are resolved and replaced in a strong groups-bond. It offers self-esteem, individual identity merge with the groups identity.
  3. Loathing for people not belonging to the group, the so called outsiders. When religion is involved, group tribalism is strengthened and loathing for the outsiders correspondingly increases.
  4. Revenge is a very strong factor, combined with all the other points, especially in the Arab culture.
  5. Leaders are the crown of everything for those people. People will do anything for their leaders when they tell that it is acceptable to do so, especially when the leaders gave their everything to the group as well.

Showing and experiencing concern about suffering of other people

It is known that when people are drinking or using drugs excessively, they will not be able to express feelings of compassion. It is also known, that people who are misused in the extreme by others (raped, assaulted, emotionally suppressed, locked up, live in constant fear, etc.) are not able to feel any compassion. It is also known that children, who are not raised by their parents, but lived on their own from when they were young, are not able to feel any compassion; extreme loneliness, extreme depressions.
It’s also known that normal compassionate people (like most of us), who fall victim of extreme suffering of abuse for a long time, will become as their captives.  It’s also known for normal compassionate people, who are suffering from extreme stress and emotions, will not be able to express feelings of compassion and are not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other people, aggression and lack of capacity to share or recognize emotions experienced by another

Those terrible situations for those people form the basis to become a monster at the end.


Some years ago, societies all over Europe and America had a very good social program to avoid those above situations (in large scale). Lately, those programs were reduced in resources and capacity. In Israel they call those programs “created by the left“. Those who are claiming that are ignorant people.

An example? Six years ago in 2008, there were people who were homeless in Tel Aviv Israel and they slept on benches on the streets. When it was cold, two of those homeless people died. The whole country got mobilized and saved the rest of the homeless by placing them in shelters and got them back into society.
Now, in 2014, the city is full of homeless people, even homeless children and not a single soul is helping them. They simply let them rot and nobody cares.

Belonging to a group gives you security

All those people without the ability to feel compassion, the lack of positive emotions, not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other people, might come together in a group, where there is a dominant leader!
Such group gives those people firstly and most importantly the feeling of security and belonging. You feel at home at last and you can be yourself and then there is the leader, who is dominating everyone and he is so unbelievable strong and knows everything. You can relate to that leader and that leader takes care for the group. Fuck the outsiders, fuck everyone else except those of your family, your brothers and sisters.
All of those feelings will become much larger by the factor of millions when there is a form of religion involved. Islam is a nice religion, where you can interpret the religious writings as you see fit for the group. The leader will define exactly how it will be interpreted.


Revenge can be often an recurring factor in the lives of those people. It can be revenge on the society, which pushed them, it can be revenge on your parents, or on other groups and/or other religions or other countries.

All those targets to the revenge are mostly defined and chosen by the strong leaders.
The thirst of revenge will be burning in their minds.
Revenge! This motivator makes people do terrible and unspeakable things, especially with all factors combined and then we have a terrorist organization or something worse, ISIS or Nazis.

Finally, are you becoming a monster?

Let’s assume that you are kidnapped and abused and tortured for a long time and then released. Or let me rephrase it. You will be forced or you come into a situation you didn’t understand but can’t escape, and you will be trained with the help of extreme methods, which will make you NOT enable to feel or show any concern about the problems or suffering of other people (some people might call it brainwashing). Then you find the group with like-wised people with the same background and the same disabilities, the leader, the religion and the revenge, and voila, one new ISIS applicant.

Be aware, that those above methods are similar as the methods all military organizations are using to educate normal people to  be a soldier and to be able to kill!
Outside military analysts without access to factual information on the ground must accept a certain degree of uncertainty.  Consequently, what follows should be seen as little more than informed speculation based on limited and potentially unreliable evidence – Wim Vincken.

0 thoughts on “How to become a monster like ISIS in 5 easy steps”

  1. What people can do to each other, it's terrible … and human.

    Most of us will react the way those people react under those circumstances, that's a fact. Everyone carries a little Hitler in his or her head. Call it barbaric, if you like it. But the only thing, which separates you is the very thin layer of what we call civilization.

    When that is gone, you do the same as the people of ISIS currently, as Hitler and his SS, Gestapo and Nazis, as the Titsu in Africa, or the terrorists, or the criminals and murders or the Mongol hordes, or any soldier who commits war crimes, and all those people who are cursing at the comments and make cruel statements and are willingly to implement it.

  2. And because of the society, who does not take care of their population, you have loads of those people running around you and your family.
    It takes a little group and a leader to get those people organized and the suicide bombers are dancing around you. There is no need for ISIS to come to America. There are so many lost souls there, just like everywhere in the world.

    I agree.

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