Conflicts between the Arab and the Western worlds

In this article I describe the mutual distrust between the Western and Arab worlds, what is happening and why it happens. And the dark future of conflict and war between them.

Mistrust, ignorance in the Western and Arab worlds are ruling

  • In June, July and August, thousands of Arabs were killed (beheaded, shot, crucified, stoned, buried alive, raped), and the (western) world is almost silent.
  • James Foley was beheaded August 19. Steven Sotloff was beheaded September 2. And the (western) world is in uproar.

Many people in the western world wonder why the Arab world is not in uproar as well. 
Many people in the Arab world wonder why the western world is not in uproar as well.

What’s happening in the Arab world?

Brainwashing the Arab masses

Brainwashing the Arab masses with as purpose to increase the hate against infidels.

In many countries and regions, where the majority of the population is Arab, they hear in their weekly sermon on Friday from Islamic religious authorities that the western world is bad, they are evil, they are similar as Satan and they need to be killed. The same happens on Arab TV, where a constant stream of hate and distrust are coming from the religious and government authorities. The Arab media is reporting events in the world with a certain bias, and even blatant lies and untruth and they do this already for years.

In the article ‘Cynical use of lies and deceit to win a war‘, I describe how Hamas is brainwashing the Palestinian people against the Jews. They are using lies, deceit and primitive, but effective brainwashing methods to manipulate ignorant Arab population to rile them up to fight against “the satanic Zionist enemy“.

In the article ‘Lies from Gaza‘, I describe the process as following:  “Hamas’ propaganda channel, Al-Aqsa TV, and on the official PATV channel, a constantly stream of hate is being broadcasted. On a daily basis, the media incites Palestinians to become martyrs and kill any Jew, delegitimize the Jewish state and produces ridiculous statements like that Jews are stealing water from the Palestinians, they use Palestinian blood in Israeli bread, steal Palestinian food and products, keep Gaza poor and hungry, etc.

Don’t make the mistake to think that only Hamas is doing such things against the Jews in Israel, but it happens almost everywhere in the Arab world.

The exceptions

Not all Arab people are being fooled and brainwashed by the media and authorities. Many Arab citizens have access to international media and visit western countries. Many people have families in the western world, who tell different things than the local Arab media is telling. They know that their religious leadership is telling lies and that the media is telling the same lies.

But those people also see the equal ignorant reactions of the unaware western populations and that is something they really don’t like to see. They get the impression that the west sees the Arab world as something low, similar like insects or stupid animals and the (hurt) Arab pride will rise within those ‘enlightened’ people.

I’m still amazed that many of those Arab people, intelligent, having good jobs and a nice family, listening to the Muslim sermon and knowing that the hate speech is a continues stream of hate and the purpose is to bring themselves into an extreme mental agitation, they change in front of my eyes. Many of them changed instantly; one moment, they are a companionable person, the next moment in a hateful, distrusting person.

Integration of the Arab populations in the west

There are many Arab people, who are integrating in the western countries, especially in Europe. Arab people are studying in the universities, people who are working, just like everyone else of the populations. There are some problems, though, especially the second and third generation of those Arab families. They don’t really integrate, but they stick together and they are having problems in studying, in finding jobs and being integrated in the populations.

Many of those kids take the scenes they see on TV for granted and try to emulate the behavior from Arab terrorists all over the world and they are proud of it. They try to identify themselves as proud Arabs, belonging to those groups, instead of belonging to the western civilization. They have the feeling that they are outcast. Many times they form gangs and walk through the city and harassing other minorities and weak people, like the elderly.

The integration does not work well. Here is what’s happening.

  1. They can’t produce any feeling of compassion what happens with others who are suffering and are not Arab.
  2. They feel that their survival depends on mutual security of a strong group with a religious leader or authority. Isolation and conflict binds those people; fear and distress such people feel are resolved and replaced in a strong groups-bond. It offers self-esteem, individual identity merge with the groups identity.
  3. Loathing for people not belonging to the group, the so called outsiders. Group tribalism is strengthened and loathing for the outsiders correspondingly increases.
  4. They experience racist discrimination of the local population and the international community. Revenge is a very strong factor, combined with all the other points, especially in the Arab culture.

These are the factors, which plays the important role to allow the growth of extremist Islamism, growing like a cancer in society. The local authorities do not know exactly what to do against the festering feelings and they let the ‘cancer’ continue. The local populations are reacting strong against the events happening and in this way they increase the factors, which might bring the whole situation into an exploding social conflict.

The integration is slowly, but surely changing into seclusion and separateness.

What is happening in the Western world

Brainwashing the Western masses

The western masses are being brainwashed … by the Arabs themselves!
In the western world, the religious and state authorities are not preaching hate against the Arab populations, or for the matter of fact, against anybody.
But there is a certain brainwashing against Arab populations, and that has partly to do with their unforgiving religion, social standing as a minority in western countries, – just like all the other minorities – their educational level when many Arabs arriving in a western country, the media heap about Arab terrorists in the international press, the suppression of the populations by Arab dictators, a history of Arab terror against western population and resources, the continues threat from Arab dictators against the west, the growing extremist Islamism, and lately the birth and growth of the Islamic State, which preaches death and destruction in barbaric ways.

In recent history with dealings about the Arab population, everyone in the western world recalls the terror campaigns from mainly Arab terrorist organizations against the west. Thousands of western citizens were killed all over the world during those campaigns and the western reactions were loaded with frustration. The mass reactions of those Arab populations in the western media was a telling, which impacted the way how the global western populations attributed to the Arabs in general.

The western world was overwhelmed and scared by violent Arab protests, where everyone could see the burning of the flags of many western countries, the hate and promises of death and destruction by Arabs were a very clear message, which makes many western citizens feeling weary.
Not many are aware of it, but in the Arab media, those terrorist events and attack were being presented as a big Arabic military victory over the infidels and they loved the number of victims and their suffering.

In Gaza, the Palestinians think that they got a huge military victory over the Zionist pigs, according a recent poll. Even – what we know – that there are more then 2,000 people death and the Israeli’s about 80, they feel that they have beaten Israel militarily.

At the same time, right in the streets of their cities and their neighborhoods they see clearly identified Arab women and men walking around. They see in their cities the growing Arab communities, their children now using the same schools as the children of the native populations and the media is continue reporting about Arab violence and terror. The citizens are feeling slowly threatened.

And suddenly, the Arab terror reached a clear red line by performing a mega terror attack on the New York and by extension the US. The US went to war against the terrorists. But everyone knew that the real message was Arab terrorists. They started to attack an Arab country and fight the terrorists there. The demonetization of the Arab people started here to its next phase.

The Arab dictators, like Saddam in Iraq, who was busy to expand his territory (attack against Kuwait) and his horror related reign triggered the next invasion in an Arab country multiple times.

Then the inhuman events happening under the rule of Syrian Arab dictator Assad brought the pictures home of thousands of people being tortured and gassed and attacked. Innocent citizens being attacked by the Syrian army and slaughtered. Multiple millions of Arab populations are now refugee and half of Syria lost their place to live.

Arab Gulf states are multiple times involved in supporting Arab terror with the full support (it seems on TV and newspapers) by the Arab population. The recurring conflicts between Hamas and Israel and the many death it brought. The birth and exploding growth of the ISIS and their barbaric crimes of killing people in the most horrifying manner and broadcast it on the Internet and TV.

When a person in a western country switches on the TV, that person is overwhelmed about the Arab violence everywhere. He or she gets the impression that the Arabs are causing the violence. When the person goes out to buy bread and milk in a shop, what does the person see? Right, Arabs working, Arabs as customers, he or she sees many times more Arabs then locals!
That person opens a Dutch newspaper and what does it read? Moroccan youth rape two women (because the native Dutch woman did not cover her hair), rob the social welfare and pension from elderly and kill them as an afterthought, an Arab man, who becomes more religious is on a rampage and kills innocent, etc.

The western people are being brainwashed!

The campaign of lies and deceit of the western media

In the article ‘Fooling the world media‘ I describe the well prepared campaign by Hamas terror organization to fight the powerful army of Israel and ISIS. They staged the conflict with Israel, but at the same time they started to fuel the well oiled machine of the propaganda and the manipulation of the western media specifically. The campaign was successful, but it caused some serious setbacks for the Arab people globally.

The media were already filled with the ignorant and incompetent western authorities and their policy of isolationism, he alarming rise of the Arab extremists, the growth of the slaughter of the poor ‘Palestinian’ population, and the rise of western extremism as well. Everywhere hate and discontent with minorities, like the Jews and Arabs specifically, were filling the media week after week, that was above the already stream of terror and horror.

And there are some trends here. The conflict between Israel and Hamas is in a deadlock and being controlled by Hamas and the countries, groups and people behind the conflict. Israel is clearly being played at and is not able to tear the deadlock in peaces and get out of the cycle of violence and suppressing.
The same is happening with ISIS, who is playing the media like a violin player and is controlling the conflicts with most of the world populations.

After two months of (very public) slaughter of Arab people in barbaric ways, now, they they slaughter a journalist, knowing how the western population will react.
And the reaction came promptly. The western community responded strongly and the Arab community was insulted and hurt. “You see!? When we are slaughtered, they say nothing. When only one western is killed, they make a huge noise!

With that killing, and the killing of the second journalist, the ISIS has accomplished more then two months of warring against their opponents and ‘killed’ any meaningful Arab coalition against ISIS.

Religious extremism

Wahhabi religious militia made up of traditionally nomadic tribesman which formed a significant military force of the Najdi ruler Ibn Saud and played an important role in establishing him as ruler of most of the Arabian Peninsula in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the article ‘Is ISIS coming from Saudi Arabia?‘ I described the connection between the first Saudi kingdom’s Wahhabi religion and ISIS. Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (the founder of Wahhabism), using radical views, was violently removed from his own town. In 1741, he was found by Ibn Saud, and received protection and refuge. Ibn Saud discovered that in Abd al-Wahhab’s teaching, was the means to seize power and to overturn Arab tradition and convention.
The Wahhabi religious militia was acting exactly the same as ISIS does now, no exception, till the last letter.
he biggest connection of the ISIS is with Wahhabism.
As a movement, which is religious and revivalist, it says generally, that it must bring Muslims back to Islam. It sees foreigners are destructive and corrupt, and that Islam is the only and complete way of life. It has prescriptions for all aspects of life and Wahhabism is very strict in correcting, keeping, implementing and enforcing the rules.
There is only one difference with ISIS and the Wahhabism. ISIS is actually a Salafi movement.The salaf is a call to Muslims to follow the example of the first three generations of Muhammad’ generations (22.9% of Saudis are Salafis). In practice, this makes ISIS only worse; there is no human factor at work here.

Before ISIS became a global threat, and before their invasion of territory in Syria and Iraq, religious extremism was slowly on the decline in the world and in the Arab world as well.

In the Middle East and especially in 2014, there was a sudden rise. ISIS was born.

Any polls, which could be executed right now, might see a change in the numbers and trends.

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