Month: November 2015

The Stories behind the News

It’s really sad what’s going on in the world and if you read a newspaper, Internet or watch on TV, you might be wondering what’s going on!? We going here on a small journey throughout the world and see where it will lead us, not? But I’m not only showing you what’s in the newspapers, but beyond and behind it as well, till all the gory details.

The Price to Pay for the Muslims

When they look at an old picture of Abraham Lincoln, their first reaction is immediately exclaiming “He’s evil!”. They have no idea who the man is, never heard about Abraham Lincoln, but because the man in the picture doesn’t look pretty. They curse Obama, curse Israel, believe it to be ruled by devils. They condemn homosexuality, same sex marriage as evil. They condemn the free press, miniskirts, tight t-shirts and other liberal behavior of the people of the west. They gleefully laugh at the cartoons of holy figures and religions, until they see cartoons about Islam and then scream bloody hell, doom and murder. They wish for bad luck and death to the west, to be utterly destroyed. They gleefully jeer when they see images of natural destruction and death western people, or any people for that matter as long as they are not Arabs. That’s Muslims for you, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Lebanese, Syrians, Libyans, etc. That’s Muslim extremists for you! That’s also many mainstream Muslims as well, that’s truly what they believe and say.

Armenian Genocides

Basically, 1.5 million Armenians were systematically killed. The genocide was executed in two phases. 1. Armenian men were conscripted as unarmed workforce and forced to work to death. 2. The next phase was taking all Armenian women and children and force them to march in the desert without water or food. It must be noted, that not only Armenians were systematically killed, also Chechens, Turks, Russians and many others. The second phase of the genocide was witnessed by many international diplomats, and detailed documented. Everyone knew about the genocides, from all countries in Europe, Russia and the US. During the second genocide, the authorities organized ‘events’ for the invited VIPs and diplomats. Those events were mass rape, torture, and special shows of slaughter of children.

Everyone MUST live under the Islamic Law … or DIE!

The Islamic Law is part of the Islam and can’t be separated. The Islamic Law applies to the lives of Muslims (sexuality, food, rituals, leisure activities, dress, hygiene etc.). The Islamic Law not only describes those laws, but also supplies the rules for punishments, which must be implemented by the letter of the (Islamic) Law. What we all see happening in Syria, Africa and Iraq, the ISIS (and other Islamic Extremists) behead, stone and crucify people, and the reason is the Islamic Law. Furthermore, there is a strong trend of Muslims in host countries in Europe and the US, that they want to have the civil law replaced by the Islamic Law, even when they are clearly the minority. That this is a bad idea, is an understatement. This article describes what the Islamic Law means for people like you.

How Do People Reach ISIS in Syria?

Each month, there are a minimum of 1,000 people entering Syria, about an average of 33 people a day. This number is not accurate of course, but nobody really does know how many and the ISIS is not telling. And they come into Syria now only via the border with Turkey, but also other alternative routes.

Shameless western People without Mercy

A proxy war is choosing a ‘champion’, and let him or her do the fighting. For example, the Iranians are using Islamic extremists in Yemen to bring down the government and take over the country. The Iranians don’t care about the suffering of the local citizens, or how much destruction takes place. They are only interested in the results. They are shameless and without mercy. President Obama is doing this as well. He is using Iran to fight ISIS, who in its turn fights the proxy war in preference of Obama… for a certain price. Iran has proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Only in Iraq, Iran’s proxies fights the ISIS together with the Iraqi army. That’s fine with Obama. In Syria, the proxy fights against Sunni Islamic extremists and in support for Assad. Obama is not happy with the support for Assad, but is silent about it in public. The buildup of proxy army in Lebanon has nothing to do with ISIS or Assad or Islamic extremists. In reality it’s the buildup of forces threatening Israel. As long as they are silent, Obama stays silent about it too.

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