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This article will describe the ongoing wars currently being fought from 2010 until now. It’s a threat to the world peace and everyone on earth when one of more conflicts goes out of control, like with ISIS.

Taliban, ISIS, various Islamic extremist groups, Afghanistan government, several NATO states under the leadership of America are all involved in this war.
There are already between the 1,240,000 – 2,000,000 people killed and we are not finished counting.

The second conflict is the BokoHaram insurgency, which involves Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad. BokoHaram is an Islamic extremist group with strong ties to ISIS.
15,000 people died in that conflict, mainly civilians.

Syrian Conflict
220,000 people died already in this conflict with millions of Syrian refugees. What started with a civil uprising, turned into civil war, and that turned into insurgents from various Islamic extremist groups. On one side of the conflict there is Assad, the Syrian President and his supporters Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. On the other side of the conflict are various Islamic extremist groups and Turkey. America, Iran and the Gulf States are supporting the various Islamic extremist groups.

Iraqi Civil War
With almost 62,000 death, the Iraqi civil war itself is underreported, but this war has two main parts. We have the Shi’ites and the Sunnis fighting each other, with involvement of Iran, America and Gulf states.

Palestinian and Israeli Conflict
This conflict is already raging from 1948 until now with more then 24,000 death. Countries involved with this conflict are America, Iran and Qatar and previously Egypt.

Somalian Civil War
From 1988, this civil war is raging on with more then 500,000 death. The Somalian government fights against Islamic extremists, which are supported by mainly Iran.

War in Darfur
With almost 180,000 death, this war rages on from the year 2003. Sudan and Islamic extremists with support of Iran are battling each other constantly.

War in NorthWest Pakistan
With almost 57,000 death, this conflict started in 2004 and the parties involved are the Pakistan government, Taliban and various Islamic extremist groups with the support of Iran, Gulf states and America.

The Mexican Drug War
This war started in 2006 and 150,000 people died already. In this war, the Mexican government is fighting criminal extremist groups.

Libyan Civil War
This civil war is already raging from 2011 and cost already about 14,000 death. The civil war is being fought between the Libyan government and various warlords and various Islamic extremist groups. In the beginning of this war, various NATO countries were involved, now mainly Egypt is involved.

Yemen Crisis
From 2011, the Yemen crisis is already raging with 25,000 death. Several parties are involved in this conflict, with America, Gulf States and Iran supporting the various fractions in this war torn country. Sunni and Shi’ite Islamic extremist groups are battling each other and the various Yemen governments.

Central African republic war
From 2012, this country is in conflict with various Islamic extremist group insurgents with 7,500 death. The war is between the government, supported by France against various various Islamic extremist groups, who are supported by mainly Iran.

South Sudan war
With almost 500,000 death, the war started in 2013 between government forces fighting against the opposition forces, complicated by Iranian backed Islamic extremists.

War in Donbass
In 2014, Russian backed rebels invaded Ukraine and cost almost 8,000 death. There are three parties involved and those are Russia, rebels and Ukraine.

Thirty six Conflicts
There are furthermore 36 conflicts, wars, insurgents, invasions, civil wars being raged in the Far East, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America with hundreds of thousands of death and beginning from 1948 until now, involving local countries fighting each other, insurgents from Islamic, Christian and Hindu extremists.

Reading about the above conflicts, most of them have certain things in common.
Many countries are or were ruled by dictators or very weak governments.
Many governments are in conflict with Islamic extremists.
Many of the insurgents are Islamic extremists, mainly supported by Iran and to a lesser extend the Gulf States and even countries like America and France.
Many countries in conflict mentioned above, are already failed states or will be soon.
Those failed states are being dominated by Islamic extremists.
The Islamic Extremist group ISIS is the leading organization, which is involved or becomes involved in many of the above conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

Attempts to stop conflicts
The first attempt, the best until now, is the initiative of Saudi Arabia with forcing the price of oil to be lowered. This disables several countries to stop funding Islamic extremists.

The other attempt is the coalition of 60 countries under leadership of the American President Obama. He maintains an air campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria with the indicated intension to stop and destroy ISIS. Until now, he manages partly containment of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but fails to stop the growth of ISIS in other countries, mainly in Africa and in the Middle East.

The war in Afghanistan is ongoing, but the President Obama policy tends to pullout of the conflict, which will not stop it, but likely to enflame the conflict.

Another attempt is stopping BokoHaram in Africa. Several African states combined armies to fight the Islamic extremist group BokoHaram.

Economical wars
Next to the success of lowering the price of oil by Saudi Arabia, the President Obama us using economic sanctions against Iran, Russia and ISIS. Those sanctions are if course partly effective. Iran and Russia are indeed suffering economically, but it does not stop them from invading (Russia) and development of nuclear weapons (Iran) until now.
The economic sanctions on ISIS do not have any effect on the Islamic extremist organization, because they are self funded and have already about 2 billion dollars seed money.

Political Wars
Understanding the core problems of Islamic extremism, President Obama tries to come up with solutions. One of them is an attempt to various countries to bring social changes in their countries, with the intension to increase the living standards of its citizens.
This effort is hampered by lack of leadership and clear policies, identifying the Islamic extremists, President Obama’s growing isolation and plain confusion.

Conflicts out of Control
The Libyan civil war is dragging Egypt into the conflict. In Libya, ISIS is strongly involved, as is Iran. In Libya, millions of Egyptian citizens living there and they are targeted by various extremist groups like ISIS. For example, the beheadings of the Egyptian Christians in Libya and the followed up response of the Egyptian air force.
In Egypt, ISIS has also a presence, and that ISIS gets or exchange resources with Islamic extremists from Libya and from Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas in Gaza is active supporting ISIS in Egypt. It is again busy with rearming itself for the next, planned conflict against Israel. It’s preparing terror attacks against Israel again, and fighting politically against the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Furthermore, it is seeking corporation with Hezbollah and Iran in the next round of conflicts against Israel.
The promised billions of dollars for the Palestinians in Gaza are still not transferred to the PA, because the conflict between Hamas and the PA is still undergoing and the crime rate in Gaza went up sky hi. Hamas is stealing the building materials in Gaza for the construction of tunnels and bunkers instead of housing for Gaza citizens.

The ISIS is doing anything it can to expand the conflict currently raged in Iraq, Syria and Northern Africa. It tries to involve European countries and America into the conflict by sending armies fighting them.
The ISIS tries to use Islam as cause of the conflict. It uses barbaric executions, graphically displayed all over the world, to enrage people and countries to send soldiers fighting them. When that did not work, they now attempt ethnic cleaning by executing Christian civilians.

Involvement in Conflicts
Which countries are involved in most of the above conflicts?
Iran. Iran is the biggest exporter or terror in the world. Iran wants to expand their type of Islamic Shi’ite revolution throughout the world. They target countries in the Middle East and Africa by creating and supporting Islamic extremists in those countries. Furthermore, their soldiers are fighting in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Gulf States. Several Gulf States are involved in creating and supporting Islamic extremist groups in various countries. In particular  Qatar and Saudi Arabia are very active in that. The Gulf States are Sunni and they support Sunni Islamic extremists.

Continue in part 2.

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