Ongoing Wars all over the World 2

Countries involved in the conflicts continued
Next to the involvement of the Gulf States in the international coalition fighting ISIS, they are involved also in financing, supporting and training various Islamic extremist groups.

Russia is directly involved in Syria. They support Syria’s President Assad diplomatically, economically, politically and militarily.
Further Russia supports Iran technically and supplies loads of hidden support. Many Russian advisers are in Iran, Syria and even in Lebanon.
Furthermore, Russian military support is for the various governments in Africa.

Several European Countries
Traditionally, the UK is strongly involved with American related conflicts throughout the world. This time their role is dramatically reduced.
France though, increased their involvement in the mess. First, their military presence in several African states under threat, the involvement in the coalition against ISIS and the support for various governments under threat of the Islamic extremists.

Next to the various covert wars they are raging in several countries, America is doing the same as the Gulf States. They create and support various Islamic extremist groups in various countries under threat.
Further they support directly several countries with their fight against Islamic extremism, like Jordan and Israel. That support is economical, military and financially.
The current problems with Israel and America is a personal conflict between President Obama and the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu.
Another problem is between America and Jordan and supplying Jordan with weapons and ammunition. Obama promised the help, but delays deliveries because of political reasons.

Next to the direct and indirect support for Islamic extremists and countries, the Americans are involved in several covert wars. Sometimes they use special forces, but mainly they use drones for execution of certain individuals and intelligence gathering.
Furthermore they use technologies to gather information, trace groups and/or individuals and listen to communications by phone and computers.
America is using the gathered information in central databases, where they use the latest technologies like electronic face recognition, voice recognition and data mining.

Turkey is a NATO member and passive member of the international coalition. Political upheaval caused Turkey to change into something, which represents a police state.
Their intension in the Middle East is to bring down Assad, contradicting the coalition.
Their security policies regarding ISIS is conflicted. Many people travel to Syria illegally via Turkey and their shared border and are not stopped.
Further, Turkey becomes more radical, supports the Islamic Brotherhood and hosts several Islamic extremist groups like Hamas.

There are complications caused by various reasons.
The American administration towards Shi’ite Iran causes irritation at best by the Sunni Muslims in the world and in the international coalition specific. It does not help the Americans at all.
The embrace of the Islamic Brotherhood by the President Obama is weird, strange, not logical, insulting and worrying for many Arab and Muslim states all over the world and Israel. Also that does not help America.
The American micromanagement of the air campaign against ISIS is reducing the efficiency of the campaign and increases the frustration of the coalition members and the international press even more.
The unwillingness of calling the extremists Islamic is confusing at best, while having no problems addressing other extremists Christian extremists.
The personal professionalism of President Obama is undermined by his obvious dislike towards several democratically elected officials, like the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu.
The almost childish behavior with the Senate and his use of his presidential veto.
Then there were the incidents, which undermind the President Obama’s authority and professionalism with his red lines in using chemical weapons during the Syrian conflict by Assad. His misused attempt of the Senate to move his responsibility to them to ‘punish’ Syria. He night have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.
And then there is Russia and Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Ukrainian territory already. And Russia continues to attempt to get more territory, and Obama is doing nothing then only some sanctions against Russia. Russia is flexing its muscles everywhere now, and again Obama stays passive.
Everyone starts to believe that if Russia would attack other countries, Obama will not respond.

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