Rape epidemic by the Refugees in Germany

Many European countries are receiving refugees from Africa and from the Middle East. Countries like Afghanistan and Syria are the prime sources from the influx of the refugees. But those are only words, and what’s really happening there is a serious problem.

Mainly male refugees arriving
Mainly male refugees arriving

The problem is not so much that people are coming into those countries, but the problem is exactly who is coming in those countries. Of the asylum seekers arriving in Germany in 2014, 71.5% of those between ages 16 and 18 were male; 77.5% in the 18-25 age group were male; as were 73.5% of those between 25 and 30, according to German migration statistics. Data for 2015 is not yet available. For this year (2015), from the 411,567 refugees/migrants who have entered the European Union by sea so far, 72% have been male, 13% women and 15% children, according to calculations by the United Nations Refugee Agency. 3.5% were families.

At least 80% of the incoming refugees/migrants are Muslim, according to a recent estimate by the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland, ZMD), a Muslim umbrella group based in Cologne, Germany.

All of that by itself is not a problem. But think! What’s happening with those refugees? They are dumped in large buildings and in old military camps. And those places are overcrowded with refugees. And that’s not the worst! No, they place men and women together in those places. What do you think what happens when you place so many men together? And then there are a few women mixed up with them? Correct, they get molested and raped. And not only those few women are are forced to live between those men, also the local women get raped. It’s an epidemic.

Fresh meat
Fresh meat

And the reason? Those men (and women) always lived a life where women were sheltered and never were allowed to show their bodies like women (and men) in Europe do. Suddenly those male refugees  are confronted with something they can’t handle! Suddenly, they see women in their overcrowded camps alone and what do you think they do? Right, those women, girls and children get raped! For them women like that are fresh meat and that includes the local women too.

The refugee problems from the Middle East and Africa are not only a potential security problem (hidden terrorists, Islamic extremists, etc.), but they get mismanaged in their new host countries as well. The normal political-correct-approach of the authorities go too far to let those people and the local population suffer because of incompetence of the politicians and their ability to make things happen. Who is crazy enough to accept more then 800,000 additional refugees when they are not able to handle the current number of refugees? It has all the signs of disasters going to happen and I’m not talking about security disasters only, but social and human disasters. What would you say if there are 20,000 male refugees arrive near the place where you live and you have two teenaged daughters?

No words for that.

Now some words to our dear politicians. They are telling us that those poor refugees suffered from groups like the ISIS and the Syrian army.

Male refugees arriving

Do they look like suffering or have suffered? No, they don’t. They look like economical refugees, whose dreams are sharing the richness of Europe. The real refugees are still out there, suffering, being tortured and slowly dying.

You, my reader, are someone who can vote in elections for your next government. Please let your vote count and get rid of those governments who are responsible for this.

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