Day: November 18, 2015

Violent attacks on ‘infidels’ increases the support for ISIS!

The brutal killings in Paris come on top of the downing of a Russian airliner in Sinai, the bombing of a Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut and an attack against Kurds in Ankara. About 500 people have been killed in the past few weeks, and many more injured. Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed the first three, and is suspected of the fourth. Since September 2014, ISIS has performed at least 26 attacks, resulting in more then 875 killed, 14 different countries, 8 countries are Middle Eastern (57%) and 6 western countries (43%). And those numbers are not complete; the number of people who have perished because of terror outside the borders of Syria and Iraq is much higher.

A plan to Fight the ISIS-Terror

President Obama has no idea how to handle the new security threat and even offered to the public to come up with a plan, which might. Well, Mr. President, here it is. It’s not a detailed plan, but a guideline. This guideline will safeguard our freedom of speech and movement and we are able to keep living our lives and maybe to make it safer then ever without additional, restrictive laws and without much costs. He can even keep his attitude of Political Correctness and saves the lives of millions and improve life globally and maintains and strengthen peace.

Active cases (Infected by corona) as part of the total cases for Belgium and France

How do Muslims Integrate in their Guest Countries?

The subject of the refugees are actual and with the terror attack in Paris fully under scrutiny. The authorities sat their nice things, but several newspapers are writing more critical articles about possible social and security problems. The best way to see how well the Muslims are integrating in their host countries (like Europe and the US), and there are already several generations of Muslims in the host countries, is by statistics.

Islamic Law in none-Arabic and Muslim Countries

Many westerns (and others too) read (and watch on TV) about the barbaric practices like beheadings, stoning adulterers, floggings, amputating limbs and much more. For the westerns, that’s the ugly part of the Sharia or Islamic Law. ISIS is presenting the ugly part of the Sharia very well, and everyone knows about the beheadings. Saudi Arabia, which fully implements the Sharia, is beheading their criminals as well, and they are not alone! But you, dear reader from the west, must be aware that large part of your Muslim minority wants to implement the Sharia in your country! Look at the following statistics in this article.

Is Islam a Violent Religion?

If I read about an Imam telling how humane Islam is, I get sick. If I hear Obama telling that Islam is humane and compassionate, I throw up. I understand why those ‘leaders’, especially the western leaders don’t want us to know what the Muslims are really thinking, because it might turn into a bloodbath. But to lie about this in such an obvious way, that’s too much. But if 80% of all Dutch Muslims sees nothing wrong with a Holy War against not-believers, and 28% of the Arab population globally thinks that suicide bombings are justified in defense of Islam, then I can”t say that a too large part of the Muslims are not humane and compassionate … and that’s an understatement. And before anyone screams “… 28% is not large …”, it’s about 448 million people!

Statistics about ISIS – 11.5% of Arabs support ISIS or about 42 million!

In 2015, a general poll was created for all Arabs and according that poll, 11.5% of all the Arabs support the ISIS. 11.5% doesn’t sound so much, but that percentage means 42 million people! This article tries to show by statistical numbers why the ISIS is so dangerous and what the real support is for the ISIS. And that support is not those few poor little kids in the UK or France!

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