A plan to Fight the ISIS-Terror

President Obama has no idea how to handle the new security threat and even offered to the public to come up with a plan, which might. Well, Mr. President, here it is. It’s not a detailed plan, but a guideline. This guideline will safeguard our freedom of speech and movement and we are able to keep living our lives and maybe to make it safer then ever without additional, restrictive laws and without much costs. He can even keep his attitude of Political Correctness and saves the lives of millions and improves life globally and maintains and strengthen peace.

The damage terror can inflict on us

The problem with the ISIS terror is, and terror from anyone else, that it finally (after too many people killed) can reduce our liberties, being forced to enact borders again (in Europe), to change our way of life, restrict or stop the freedom of expression and freedom of the press, restrictions everywhere in name of security, being arrested because we might look funny without legal help, being enlisted in armies fighting and dying at far away countries and being blown up at home of course.

Using military force

How do the governments minimize the murderous threat to its citizens without too many soldiers killed and without (much) restrictions? And how to restrict the killing of Arab and Muslim civilians among where the terrorists are embedded? Terrorism, especially the ISIS, is an extremist ideology, and such movement can’t be stopped by force and by killing them off, because for every terrorist killed, five others will rise. It’s a quagmire! That’s what Obama means and doesn’t know how to meaningfully and successfully address this. Look what happened in Iraq! That’s the biggest problem for all democratic leaders – in the US, European Union, Russia, Middle East and honestly everywhere in the world – are facing.

We can send troops to Iraq and Syria, and indeed, the terror will stop after a while, as long as we hold that territory. The moment the troops leave the territory, the terror returns with vengeance! But when the troops occupy the territory, it will do nothing to solve the underlying problem of stopping the dynamics of the violent extremist groups and their ideology. In the contrary, it only grows and waits until the troops leave. Bombing them is also not effective; the Middle East is the most bombed territory on earth and it only helps the ISIS becoming bigger and richer and having more support then ever! With all that bombing, the ISIS is supported by 11.5% through the Arab world (that’s 42 million people)!

As proof of the effectiveness of the bombing campaign, the city of Raqa in northern Syria is being bombed extensively after the terror attack in Paris and the downing of the Russian airliner. The French and Russians bomb the command- and training centers of the ISIS, the defense ministry and more ‘meaningful’ buildings. It looks great in the newspapers and TV, all those pretty explosions and many people feel better knowing that many terrorists died! What they don’t realize is that ISIS is not stupid and know what’s coming and no ISIS militant or operative died … not one. They dug themselves somewhere underground and filled the buildings with citizens; further they placed flags on worthless empty buildings and announced the new head quarter X or Y. And promptly they get bombed … empty buildings or ‘worthless’ citizens. The ISIS is laughing its head of and announce it through the Arabic social media and they get even more support. Fooling the none-believers must be their national sport.

If the governments are doing nothing meaningful, then …

If nothing is done on the situation, but only some emotional words and some statements and some additional bombs in Syria and Iraq, close the (part of the) Syrian borders finally (when it’s too late), then I can tell you that in each European country, the US, Russia and further in the Middle East, nobody is safe, everyone is at risk. Bomb and suicide attacks will happen in shops, cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, parks, buses, trains, airplanes, airports … everything which is a soft target. The authorities will be powerless to stop them.

What can you do about it?

We need to learn how to reduce our vulnerability to terrorism. We must make it harder for those killers to kill us. We need to apply barriers, metal detectors and armed security guards at strategical places (anywhere near schools, shopping malls, churches, mosques, airports, train stations, even restaurants, cafes, cinemas), everywhere where the public masses together. No suicide bomber will be able to enter public buildings or establishments. This is very important, because we (the people, not the leaders and decision makers) see and experience it personally that our governments are serious about our security and well being.

Bolster our intelligence-gathering in the viciously hostile Arab and Muslim territories and in our own Arab and Muslim communities. If we don’t, you, as a citizen, need to gauge where to shop and whether or not to take the bus or train as to minimize your exposure to the killers. Or for those living in large apartment buildings must wait until the terrorists are blowing up your building, like what happened in Russia some time ago.

From those Arab- and Muslim communities the terrorists are coming.

Take the offensive. Move in with military rapid response teams (UN or NATO supported or not) and destroy terror infrastructures, the bomb-making factories and the bomber-indoctrinating production lines. Bombing from the air ISIS territory looks fancy and maybe good PR, but using air force is only effective as a supporting measure for ground troops or military rapid response teams.

Fight the extreme Arab and Muslim political, spiritual and media leadership, which is stirring up its people to kill the infidels (that means us) in our countries and in the Middle East. Expose them … let the western and world media listen what kind of hate they are broadcasting to the Arab and Muslim masses.

Stop reporting names and faces of terrorists in the media, because those reports are only used by the Arab and Muslim extremists and their supporters to bolster their campaigns.

Enforce the secret services (like the (equivalent of the) NSA) data mining capabilities (with programs like PRISM and profiling) and monitoring the whole world and ourselves to see what’s coming to us and stop it in their tracks. They are very effective.


Change the way how you accept the Syrian and other Middle Eastern and African refugees! The current leaders make decisions about accepting certain numbers of refugees and then they go home to their cozy homes, knowing that they did the right thing. But in reality (and without the politicians knowledge) they accept mainly young, healthy men seeking to join the European ‘paradise’ and are in fact economical refugees. For this year (2015), from the 411,567 refugees/migrants who have entered the European Union by sea so far, 72% have been male, 13% women and 15% children, according to calculations by the United Nations Refugee Agency. Only 3.5% of the refugees were families. In 2014, the asylum seekers arriving in Germany, 71.5% of those between ages 16 and 18 were male; 77.5% in the 18-25 age group were male; as were 73.5% of those between 25 and 30, according to German migration statistics. At least 80% of the incoming refugees/migrants are Muslim, according to a recent estimate by the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland, ZMD), a Muslim umbrella group based in Cologne, Germany.

Stop the economical refugees and accept only the real refugees. If countries really insist on accepting refugees, then instead of selecting them at the borders and coasts, select them from the UN camps near the Syrian border and surrounding countries. It will relieve those host countries and there is a better way to control who comes in and who not. Send all refugees back to where they came from and direct them to the UN camps if ‘they really insist‘ on immigrating. There any inspector can see immediately if the person is an economical refugee or not and act accord his or her instructions.

The way how the Europeans processing the refugees is inhuman and terrifying. Rape epidemics popup everywhere where refugees are being held in overcrowded camps, where men rape the refugee women, girls and children and the local women and men as well.

Almost none of the refugees are security-screened. The authorities have no idea who those refugees (mainly young men) are and where they come from and what they were and what they did. Nobody has any way to check if an individual is an ISIS operative or a real refugee. But what can be determined is if a person is a real refugee or if he or she is a economical refugee. Look for yourself:

Do they look like real refugees, suffered terrible under the ISIS and the war?

Integration of Arab and Muslim communities in our own communities

The current integration of the Arab and Muslim communities into our own communities are problematic at least (that’s an understatement). Read this article for details and real statistics of what’s happening with the Arab and Muslim communities within our borders. There are social problems with many Muslims in our society.

A sure sign that something is socially wrong with those communities, according to the statistics from Sputnik News (2015): Muslims in Britain comprise 4% of the population but 11% of prisoners.  Muslims in the Netherlands comprise 4% of the population but 20% of prisoners.  Muslims in France comprise 10% of the population, but 70% of prisoners (source).

In the German newspaper Die Presse (2013), they state that 1 in 3 Muslims in Austria say it is not possible to be a European and a Muslim,  22% oppose democracy (source). ICM Poll: 11% of British Muslims find violence for political ends acceptable (source) (source). Die Welt (2012): 46% of Muslims in Germany hope there will eventually be more Muslims than Christians in Germany (source). Pew Global (2006): Only 7% of British Muslims think of themselves as British first (81% say ‘Muslim’ rather than ‘Briton’) (source). ICM Poll: 58% of British Muslims believe insulting Islam should result in criminal prosecution (source) (source). Center for Social Cohesion: 40% of British Muslim students want Sharia (Islamic Law) (source)(source). GfK NOP: 28% of British Muslims want Britain to be an Islamic state (source). WZB Berlin Social Science Center: 65% of Muslims in Europe say Sharia is more important than the law of the country they live in (source)(source). 2015 (Jyllands Posten): 77% of Muslims in Denmark believe the Quran’s instructions should be ‘fully applied’ (source). 2015 (Jyllands Postn): Only 53% of Danish Muslims believe Danish law should be based on the constitution and not the Quran (source).

What’s going on? Normally, when a nation accepts refugees, they take care that those refugees will not be placed all in one spot. Those refugees need to be spread along the population and integrated in small numbers. If a nation is ignoring this and dump them in camps (what’s currently happening) and give them food and water and let them rot, they get those problems as described above and worse.

Plus they need to take in consideration of the nature of Muslims (not Arabs). There is nothing wrong with Muslims, except that they are believers of Islam and Islam and integration doesn’t work at all. Read this article why not.


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