How do People Allow Genocide? Questions and Answers

Genocide ISIS style
Genocide ISIS style

The majority of us allows genocide to happen. It’s so simple as that.

Reason? I guess many reasons for that, the main one is that’s what makes us human.
In our ancient history it was common to perform genocide and gendercide. The Torah and old testament described 31 cases of that.

Before going into explaining why it happens, let me ask you some questions.

  1. When you are in charge and/or can make a difference and/or have the power to stop the genocide, would you stop it?

Probably you answer that question with a yes … maybe no.

Let me ask you another question.

2. If you are part of the victims, what would you do? What can you do?

Then another question.

3. What would you do if they would force you to be a perpetrator of genocide? If you refuse, you and your family will be part of the victims.

I’m not sure what you would answer in those cases. But whatever you think to answer or not, be aware that many people were in that situation.

In the far history of our world, gendercide (is the systematic killing of members of a specific sex) was performed when one side defeated the other. Then the winners killed all men and boys, and took the women and girls and integrated them in their own tribes.

Genocide and gendercide happened regularly in the ancient history.

  • For example, the Torah and Bible have 31 examples of genocide and gendercide described in detail, which was supposingly supported by God.
  • The Koran and Sunnah, the holy books of Islam are full of examples of genocides and gendercides.

All ancient cultures and civilizations were full of gendercide. It’s part of human survival, the instinctive quest to become and stay part of the strongest tribe.

Note Sunnah is the verbally transmitted record of the teachings, deeds and sayings, silent permissions (or disapprovals) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, as well as various reports about Muhammad’s companions

But there are differences in implementation.

  • Many ancient gendercide and genocides ‘simply‘ killed them.
  • Others let the victims suffer first before they were killed.

More modern civilizations preferred to let the people suffer before they were wiped out.

  • The first actual genocide occurred in 149-146 BC during the third Punic War.
  • The biggest genocide until now were performed by the Mongols, who managed to wipe out up to 60 million people. Stalin is number two on that list.
  • The most systematic performed genocide until now was performed by the Nazis with their death camps, gassing and ovens to ‘process’ the bodies.
  • Between 1810 and 1828, the Zulu armies performed genocidal massacres (like the ISIS is performing). They managed to kill two million people and their dogs.

So, dear reader. Genocide and gendercide are part of the human makeup, its psyche. I’m sure, that in certain circumstances, when the thin layer of civilization is burned away,  many of you might be part of the gang performing genocide.

It doesn’t mean that we must allow genocide and that it’s justified! No, this is a terrible crime, according our civilization. It’s also unacceptable, no excuse exist to perform it and to let it happen. The ones who perform the genocides must be punished, but those who allow the genocides must be punished too!

Let me ask you another question.

4. Would you stop a man on the street trying to kill a pregnant woman and her four children?

Or would you stop and watch? Or maybe run away quickly? Or maybe call the police and run away? Or scream at the man to stop and try to interfere?

And still we ALL (including myself) allow genocide and gendercide to happen at this very moment! Look at what Islamic extremists are doing at the moment. And look what Assad, the President of Syria is doing. Look at what the Russians are doing, dropping bombs and they don’t care about the killed women and children! And look at the whole world, allowing those barbarians performing genocide! ISIS killed 800 people with terror outside their territories and you all allow that to happen?

If we would stop the genocide now, it will be a victory for our civilization. If we don’t, it’s nothing else then confirming that we are still human and not able to fight our basic instinct.



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  1. oh yeah not to mention the genocide what happened on the American continent not that long ago right?

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