An European Plan to deal with Terror and ISIS

What the democratic elected leaders suppose to do is doing their duty as leaders for their country. And obviously they don’t. They allow – with their incompetence – their citizens to be attacked, vilified, slaughtered and terrorized within their countries, cities, villages and houses. While the world is changing dramatically, the democratic elected leaders are still trying to govern according old realities (even go so far to be in denial), which doesn’t apply anymore on the current reality.

The biggest change in this new reality of the world has a name. That name is Islamic Extremism.

I’m not going to explain here again what’s currently going on, you can read that in all the newspapers and media all around the world. But there are some things, which needs some more in-depth explanation of the reasons behind this all, like allowing genocide to happen and even supporting it, violent terror attacks increases the support of ISIS all around the world and Europe, how effective are the bombardment of the US and (European part of the) coalition, how well do the Muslims integrate in many European countries and more here, questions and serious issues about Islam, current statistics about ISIS and Islamic extremism and the lessons learned from the first and second world wars, genocides and the ongoing wars in the world.

Before we go further about the actual content of this article, I want to put the blame on all this mess at the feet of the guilty ones. And that’s not ISIS, neither Iran or Islamic Extremism. No, the guilty ones are our democratic elected leaders. They made this mess and they maintain it and let it grow.

Islamic extremism can’t be stopped, but it’s possible to protect the citizens of Europe against the backslash of that new momentum.

Now the actual content of the article.

We need to determine what are our major weaknesses are. There are two:

  1. We are all open for terror attacks from even a single individual with a single weapon (the so called ‘soft targets’).
  2. We let the source of that terror fester and increase in power and strength.

Reduce the ability of terrorists attacking us in our own country

That’s possible. For this to happen, our governments must do (at least) the following:

  1. Allow armed security guards to be posted in front of places where the public meets in their communities (restaurants, shops, large buildings, tourist centers, hotels, busy streets, etc.). That will reduce the soft targets for terrorists.
  2. Those armed guards must have equipment (metal detectors) and have communication devices on person, which sends extreme loud alarms to warn everyone if the guard(s) are attacked (and/or are down) and automatically warns the authorities. That saves lives when terror attacks do happen.
  3. A rapid response force must be held available 24 hours in all population centers throughout the cities and countries to respond to terror attacks within minutes.
  4. A zero tolerance of anyone who is inciting anyone else. If there are people inciting Arabs, blacks, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Chinese, Russians, lesbians, homos  and more they must be punished heavily under the law. But that does also mean the Arab and Muslim community with their drive to implementing their Islamic Law.

Taking care of the source of the terror

It’s hard to implement something like this, because this requires corporation with several nations, which by definition don’t support this kind of actions, like Russia and Iran and Iraq and Syria itself. But with a strengthened resolve performing those military actions, with or without the permission of those countries, very much can be accomplished.

  1. Perform military incursions in the areas where the terrorists festers. Such incursions must target weapon and bomb making factories, weapon storage facilities, command centers, etc. A quick way in and out, where ever those terrorists and its leaders are operating. Using airplanes is not enough, it cost too much money and the results are minimal. Air force can be used as support for rapid military incursions. Political correctness does not apply in war situations.
  2. Punishable military actions after any terror attack on the leaders of the terrorists, like of course the ISIS. Bombing alone is not enough, there must be more been done to damage the guilty.
  3. Constant gathering of intelligence about those problem areas (so they have something to go against when the need of punishment arises).


The refugee crisis is increasing in size. And not only refugees from Syria and Iraq, but from all over the world. There are 50 million refugees currently and that number is rising.

  1. Centralize the refugee registration, like the Americans are doing with the same quality (click here how they do it). This will increase the period of waiting for refugee status, but at least Europe will receive real refugees.
  2. Don’t allow refugees in Europe who are stranded on the shores of south Europe. Send them to the refugee centers for registration.
  3. Close all borders surrounding the EU (not within).
  4. Increase the financial support for the UN to handle the refugees.
  5. Integrate those refugees in better ways then what happens now (dumping tens of thousands of refugees in internal camps within Germany is not working at all).

Risky populations within Europe

There are several centers within Europe (like in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, but also Scandinavian countries) where Islamic extremism is festering.

  1. Increase intelligence gathering within these centers and communities
  2. Forbid and enforce deeds of incitements against anyone within these communities

What must NOT be implemented

To change our way of life, our freedom and freedom of movement, opinion and press is what makes Europe as it is, with all the good and bad it presents, but it’s out Europe and it works just fine.

  1. Closing the nations’ borders and restricting the travel of people within Europe. NO, not good.
  2. Increase electronic surveillance on everyone and restrictions on freedom of expression and press. NO, not good.
  3. Stopping all immigrants and refugees into Europe. NO, not good.
  4. Allowing refugees from the borders without proper registration within Europe. NO, not good.

The media

The media is a major part of the support and reason for the growth of Islamic extremism. They vilify parts and countries, who are a threat against them. It’s extremely important to stop this.

Certain parties, mainly Arab and Muslim (supported) parties, are creating and maintaining a PR (Public Relations) campaign to vilify others, like the US, Europe, Israel, Russia and are mostly in support of terror and the practices of the ISIS. They manipulate facts, making up stories, lie and cheat. This must be stopped by applying honest and correct journalism and checking their facts before publishing something like this.

They also hold a relentless hate-campaign in most of the Arab and Muslim media about the west, the US, Israel, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism any anything else not Muslim. The incitement has no limits, and their claims are outrageous and until now it goes on unchecked. This campaign of hate must be confronted throughout the world in order to stop it. Simple, take any Arab or Muslim newspaper and website, translate it and publish it in the western media what those media are claiming about us. Those campaigns will quickly stop.

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