Incompetence of our Democratic Elected Leaders against Terror

There is something seriously wrong with the world at the moment. Currently, terror attacks are performed on us in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and even in the US for some time now and the democratic elected leaders are not stopping it. And they know, like everyone else in the world, who is doing it and where they are.

Terror Attacks in Paris
Terror Attacks in Paris

If you look at the reaction of the French authorities at the two major terror attacks in Paris, they murmur, they scream and yell, complain, and drop some useless bombs in Syria and that’s it. Oh, and they announce all kind of measures to “fight the ISIS” and announce all kind of useless statements that they will stop and destroy the ISIS, while doing factually nothing.

Russian Warplanes Destroy 140 Terrorist Targets in Syria
Russian Warplanes Destroy 140 Terrorist Targets in Syria

The Russians are doing something similar. Their bombing campaign in Syria is more intense, but the results are the same; ISIS continues as they were and are not stopped, destroyed or even paused. The only difference with the rest of the democratic elected leaders is that they kill more citizens and hospitals and cities and causes the refugee streams to increase to newer heights.

In the mean time, those democratic elected leaders are supporting other Islamic extremist groups with weapons, training and other resources to keep the fight alive and with their stupid measures and moves, they increase the flood of refugees bigger then ever seen on earth and they allow the carnage to continue with more dead and war and refugees and genocide.

And you know what’s the problem?

All of that is caused and maintained by our democratic elected leaders. Maybe it’s time to get them out of office? And replace them with others, who are more concerned with their own citizens then playing little gods and chess masters in the Middle East?

Let’s see what our esteemed leaders have to say.

In the US, the current President Obama and the front runner in the coming Presidential elections Mrs. Clinton are refusing to link the terror and the ISIS with Islamic Extremists. They repeatedly refused to get actively involved in stopping and destroying the ISIS, the current main source of the terror running through the world.

Then we have European leaders, who also refuse to get involved.

All of those leaders are performing some action against the ISIS, but that’s obviously designed to keep the people at home satisfied and keep themselves in office for the time being. Those actions, like the bombardment campaign is not designed to stop or to destroy ISIS.

They are trying to get some meaningless conviction from the UN. They try to force Turkey to close off a border with Syria (which they can’t and much too late and meaningless), they want to increase the electronic monitoring on their own citizens, they want to close off the borders (while the possible terrorists are already in the millions inside), they want to stop the refugees (because they are not competent enough to check out those poor people and those refugees are now on the run because of their own dangerous policies in Syria and Iraq) and the list goes on and on and we let them fooling around.

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