Putin, Abbas, Obama, Hitler and Assad Featuring in the Movie The Hobbit

I saw this morning all the three movies of the Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation Of Smaug and The Battle Of The Five Armies. One of the biggest master pieces of our time, especially the finale, the last movie. I plan to see all six of those movies during Christmas night (when everyone of the family sleeps).

But, I can’t help to relate a lot from what’s happening in the world now and those three movies. And I’;m afraid not relating anything to the good guys!

Elves in the movie the Hobbit as characterized as a cold type of character, but fight good and fair. The Dragon in the movie was amazing and very real looking. And then we have the trolls with the Chief trolls number 1 until 6 (including Abbas, Obama, Putin, Hitler and Assad). And those Chief trolls had all one thing in common: they are all murderers and don’t care about anything then only fighting and more death and destruction.

  • Hitler was in it because of his German Empire, build on the bones of all the people murdered by his people on his orders.
  • Assad is in it for personal power and to keep his position. He is willingly to kill anyone for any price, only to stay  in power.
  • Then we have Putin, the man who wants to be seen as one of the very powerful leaders in the history and is doing anything possible to obtain that, but slowly and carefully.
  • Then we have Obama, the man who has not the nerves to be confronted and is doing anything to avoid any confrontation.
  • Then we have Abbas, who is performing crimes against humanity. A coward hiding behind the backs of women and children, who he sends out to kill other people, not caring what happens to them.

These are all the current leaders, who don’t care for anyone then only for themselves. If we need to take care of ISIS or the terror, with all these trolls still in place, we can’t. The whole thing will lead to war where many will perish and probably these trolls will survive somehow.

The Palestinians are normal humans like anyone else. But a big part of the Palestinians behave like trolls in this movie, because they do exactly what their so called leader is telling them to do: kill Jews with knives and cars and he doesn’t care that those people (women, children and men) get killed by attacking others.

The ISIS are really acting like the trolls, maybe worse. No more words about them, because that’s exactly what they are.

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