Islam and extremism. What’s the connection?

The Bible’s new testament was written in about 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ, the actual Bible, the old testament, is a collection of books.

The Koran was memorized by Mohammed and his followers, most of them were not able to read and write. After a battle, where most of his followers were killed, some people decided to write the Koran before it was lost. After contradictions in that Koran were found, the Koran was rewritten again. And those contradictions stayed and Islam was split in other Islamic fractions. Two of the main fractions still exist, the Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Here is another one.
People belonging to the ISIS must be Muslims. Anyone else is not acceptable. The ISIS and its members are living according the Islamic Law, derived from the Koran. The Islamic Law is a complete framework for the Muslim and covers every aspect of life.

The question here is, if the Islam is an extreme religion or not?
Well, I don’t want to answer that for you. You can read it your self. The website with the complete Koran is here:

You will find out that the Koran is commanding in many instances the violent expansion of the Islam and ordering death and destruction. Here is a list of them in the Koran.
You also find references to love and compassion, but only for and between Muslims.

Those Muslim clerks, who claim differently are lying. And it is so easy to check yourself if they are telling the truth or not.

If those Muslim clerks are lying about their own Islam, are they lying too when they claim that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam?

According ISIS, they live and act according the Islamic Law and they are right.
It tells when to behead a person, to cut off their hands and feet, when to stone a person to death, when to crucify a person, when to execute a person, when to enslave women and children, when to rape and many more details how to punish persons.

Those people of the ISIS are not applying violence in our eyes randomly. They follow the rules written in the Koran. They follow the Islamic Law.

Furthermore the ISIS is stating that Muslims in the world are not real Muslims, because those Muslims are not following the Islamic Law. How can a person calling himself a religious Muslim, when that person refuses to follow the Islamic Law?

What and who are Arabs?
Arabic-speaking populations in general are a highly heterogeneous collection of peoples, with different ancestral origins and identities. The ties that bind the Arab peoples are a veneer of shared heritage by virtue of common linguistic, cultural, and political traditions.

Are Arabs Muslims?
No. In fact, most Muslims are none-Arab people.

Can a true Muslim live in a Western country?
No. Their Islamic Law will clash against the civil law.

Is ISIS Islamic?

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