Can you Trust Muslims in your Country?

Muslims often form closed knitted communities throughout Europe and the US, where there is not much true integration within the societies. With the increased radicalization of Islam, the flood of Muslim refugees towards Europe and the world, the alarming growing daily terror from Islamic extremists, mindless and destructive rage in the form of highly publicized horrifying and barbaric activities of ISIS, the genocides, the very obvious and visible incompetence of passive governments, and finally, the very vocal support of a large part of Muslims for Islamic extremism in their host countries (Europe and US) and the ISIS itself, Muslims don’t make themselves popular at all. They are seen as a growing threat for everyone.

Just like the second Word War, where almost each and every country was involved in that global conflict, the terror of Islamic extremism is getting more and more countries involved. All continents are already under attack from Islamic extremism and that’s also why the Catholic Pope said that “… we are in the middle of a Word War …”, referring to the definition of a World War. “A world war is a war involving many or most of the world’s most powerful and populous countries. World wars span multiple countries on multiple continents, with battles fought in multiple theatres.

A little History in terror

To answer the question if you can trust Muslims in your country, first some history. Believers (in the form of immigrants) in Islam, Muslims, are part of the western society for many years now, particular in Europe and the US, just like believers in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christians and other people of any religion, together with atheists. That’s not a problem, because in many western cultures, there is freedom of religion and everyone can worship any religion as they see fit and that works just fine.

Which religion is a threat?
Which religion is a threat?

Except in Europe (and in the rest of the world), people don’t see it that way. 49% the west believe that Islam is a threat! And I must say, there are reasons for that.


Terror Attacks from 1970-1990
Terror Attacks from 1970-1990

Since the 1960s and 1970s, (mostly national and religious) extremists all around the world caused problems in the form of violence and terror, resulting over the years in thousands of death and almost 70,000 terror related attacks. Only in Europe, there were 13,427 terror attacks and in the US and Canada 2,803. The extremists came from nationalistic and religious sources, spread all over the world.

Terror attacks locations between 1970-1990
Terror attacks locations between 1970-1990

As you can see in the above chart, South America and Western Europe was dominantly targeted by terror (source).

Targets of terror attacks between 1970-1990
Targets of terror attacks between 1970-1990

The above chart shows the main targets of those terror cam campaigns between 1970-1990. Terror was dominantly targeting businesses, citizens, military, governments, police, etc. But throughout these years, several nationalistic terror organizations were strongly reduced or stopped their attacks because of political solutions. But there was one specific religious extremist group, which did not reduce their violence, but increased it strongly and soon dominate the terror.

The rise of Islamic radicalization

An social movement in the Islam saw dramatic changes from the 1960s and is  labeled as the rise and fall of Islamic Extremism. Over time (since the 1960s), the presence of Islamic extremism increased its role in the terror spreading throughout the world, which results today in daily multiple terror attacks by Islamic extremists.

The intensity of the Islamic extremist terror attacks is reaching numbers, never witnessed in the history of human kind. In average, each day there are 8 terror attacks (75 death a day) all over the world!

Islam presence in the world
Islam presence in the world

Believers in Islam live all over the world (immigrants or not), but the highest density of Muslims can be found in North Africa, Middle East and South-West Asia. Social changes in the Islam is described as a process implemented in four cycles and heading to extreme radicalization of the religion.

The cause of the radicalization is coming from three sources:

  1. The creation of Islam in the year 610. Many conservatives believe this.
  2. The reaction against waves of western imperialism in the Islamic world, starting at 1798. Many liberals and social democrats believe that.
  3. The actual facts though proves that the wave of Islamic related terrorism started in the 1960s-1970s.

The actual cause of the radicalization is a combination of the three. The last point is actually a simple observation, while the creation of the Islam and the reaction of against waves of western imperialism in the Islamic world are influences fueling the radicalization.

Radicalization of Islam in Europe and US

So far the little history of terror and religious extremism. We come to the current days and see what’s going on with the Muslims in the western countries and answering the question “Can you trust Muslims in your country?”.

We start with the following statement:

A big part of the Muslims – all over the world – are being radicalized.

That’s true. In Europe and in the US, there is a growing influence of ultra-conservative Islamist ideology (radicalization). Many times attacks on small scale were ignored as petty crimes or for reasons of political correctness, these were pushed under the carpet as Europe tried hard to project its image as a multicultural and multi-religious project where people of all faiths were free to follow and propagate their religious beliefs.

Until the 7 July, 2005 London attacks, Britain loved to show its openness to ideas and people even if they as UK residents preached hatred and opposition to Westminster style of democracy. A radical Egyptian cleric Abu Hamza was treated virtually as a state guest as he preached radical doctrine to Muslims in London and UK.

If the London attacks forced British authorities to wake up to the threat posed by such groups and the ideas they propagated, the November 2015 attacks in Paris seem to have woken up mainstream political parties in Europe to such a threat. Suddenly, Belgium is viewed as a weak link and liberal democracies have realized the danger of giving “unfettered” freedom to Islamic groups.

The stream of refugees (80% are Muslim) from areas like Syria, Afghanistan are now in the process of  being reevaluated because – according the general public – of security concerns (embedded terrorists). But what’s not realized by the general public is the rape epidemics in Europe, specifically in Sweden and Germany.

The rapes in Sweden increased with 1472% (since 1972) and violent crime increased with 300%, 77% the rapes is performed by Islamic immigrants, who did not integrate in Swedish society at all. According those statistics further, it means that 25% of all Swedish women will be raped each year. In 2003, Sweden’s rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

Flirtation with Saudi Arabia saw the rise of fancy mosques across the continent where many clerics preached a return to “pure Islamic ideals” as espoused in the Koran. Very strict in moral or religious matters, Wahhabi ideology was and continues to be propagated from many of these mosques across the world, where clerics are sowing seeds of hatred against liberal democracies and other religions.

The last few years witnessed Salafis grow and spread with great speed across the globe as well. Their brand of Islam that considers all ideas and practices of Muslims that are not in conjunction with the Holy Book as heretical (believing that mainstream Islam is not true Islam) has taken root across the continent, among a growing population of young Muslims who are being told day in and day out that they must return to their roots.

Support terrorists in Syria and Iraq
Support terrorists in Syria and Iraq

In the above chart, you see the Muslim support about the goals and activities in Islamic extremist terrorists is smaller then those who oppose them. But 17% of the Muslims supporting ISIS (here used as ISIL) means 272 million people!

Who's a terrorist organization
Who’s a terrorist organization

ISIS is not seen as a terror organization by many Muslims. 27% (432 million people) of the Muslims think that ISIS is not a terror organization. Nusra Front terror organization is another Islamic extremist terror organization and 43% (688 million people) of the Muslims think it’s not.

Islamic extremist terror and the Muslim support

As you can read from the lists of research and polls about the Muslims all over the world and especially in the UK and US, their specific opinions are at least alarming and also put the opinion about Muslims not in a positive daylight.

Muslim reactions about 9/11 Attacks

A certain American, Republican politician and president candidate for the Presidential Elections 2016 was claiming that Muslims were celebrating the 9/11 attack on the US. True or not (there were indeed reports in the media of such celebration with the Palestinians), here are the opinion polls of the the Muslims.

Implementing (in host country) and support of the Sharia (Islamic Law)

Everyone, who lives like a devoted Muslim, must live exactly according the Islamic Law (Sharia). The Sharia Law is in detail explained here. But in short, the Sharia law derives from the Koran and the rulings of Islamic scholars and it must be applied by any true Muslim, where ever they live. The Sharia is by definition not compatible with civil law, which is part of the foundation of all democracies. But many Muslims, as you can see in the list beneath here, want to implement the Sharia over everyone (also in their host countries).

It paints a very bad picture what’s going on currently in Europe.

Sharia law entered Europe after World War II when the weakened European nations withdrew from their colonies, bringing to Europe their former colonial subjects as refugees and cheap labor from such Muslim nations as Pakistan (UK), Turkey (Germany) and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia (France).

Initially, Sharia law was applied discretely within the small Muslim enclaves of Europe. But after two generations of high birth rate and immigration into Europe, those enclaves have grown to where the Sharia law now challenges the Judeo-Christian foundations of their host European nations.

Sharia law is spreading almost unopposed in the former pro-Hitler nations, where lingering guilt over the Jewish holocaust now protects Sharia, seen as the law of another religious minority. Sharia courts presided by Muslim “peace judges” now rule in Germany, where even non-Muslim German judges in German courts cite Sharia law and quote from the Koran to uphold polygamy and husbands’ right to beat wives when judging cases involving Muslims.

In Austria, the government is convicting even non-Muslims of violating Sharia law. In 2011, Vienna High Court upheld the lower court conviction of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for making this factual statement about Muhammad: We all know that Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9. Now, what do we call this behavior if not pedophilia.

In France, home to 13 million Muslims, the government no longer controls the suburb of large cities; the densely-populated, predominantly Muslim ghettos that encircle most major French cities and where the French police seldom patrol. If that were to change, the Muslim population among France’s prison inmates would rise even higher than the current 70%. All meat sold in Paris is now Halal (foods and drinks, i.e. foods that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic Sharia law), having been sacrificed to Allah.

In Denmark, Muslims are calling for areas with large Muslim populations like Copenhagen’s Tingbjerg to become Sharia law zones patrolled by Muslim religious police modeled after Saudi Arabia’s muttawa (religious police in Saudi Arabia) to apprehend and punish all Sharia law violators.

Such Muslim police already exists in Spain, where Sharia courts now threaten women for driving cars or working outside the home. Recently, a woman accused of adultery was sentenced to death by a Sharia court and escaped it by seeking refuge in a government police station.

In Holland, where “Muhammad” is now the most common name for boys born in its four largest cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht), death sentences against Sharia law-breakers actually have been carried out. High profile victims include Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, both killed for criticizing the Islam.

In 2013, death sentences were issued against cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo and Jyllands-Posten, French and Danish newspapers, respectively, for drawing images of Muhammad, false prophet.

The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were killed in 2015. The Jyllands-Posten cartoonists continue to live under around-the-clock police protection, which thus far has thwarted the attempts on their lives.

Violence in Defense of Islam

Several times in our free societies, Muslims get insulted by certain events and criticism about Islam, Allah and Mohammad. For example the Muhammad cartoons, which resulted in a fatal terror attack by ISIS in Paris. When asked the Muslims in Europe and everywhere in the world, the results are interesting.

Can we trust the Muslims in our country?

Now you can answer the question: “Can you trust Muslims in your country?”.

Personally I trust Muslim individuals, but I’m weary about them. Trusting them as community from immigrants, no, I don’t trust them for a penny.

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