Biggest Murders made in the Name of their Gods

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and thousands of other religions have one thing in common: Faith.
To give you everything, believe what the religion claims, do blindly what the religion demand without question. Most of the religions have their holy books or script.
Another thing they have in common. It’s the people, who are in charge of the religion. Those are the people, who often like to interpret their holy books according what they think is just according their religion.

The core of all those religions is faith. To give faith to a religion.
In reality, it is also to give faith to those people, who are in charge of those religions.

What can a religion do to a person?
If the leaders of the religion chooses so and is able, they can turn an innocent person into a raging murderer, rapist, torturer and mass murderer, etc. This happened uncountable times throughout history and this happened in all religions.
It’s so easy to change a given man into a monster like that and in the name of a god! The only thing you need is politics. With that, the elite forces the masses to turn into soldiers. And which man would refuse spoils of war? Or stolen gold, free sex, slaves, suppress other people, to dominate others?

That happened with all the religions, the still surviving ones and those disappeared. Billions of souls murdered, slaughtered, executed in the name of their god(s) throughout history of mankind.

How can a person give blind faith to others? Give blind faith to other people, who force you to fight and kill women and children in the name of god?

You have the Internet, use it.
Is it true what Christianity claims that Jesus is the loving person, the preacher, son of god? Or that Mohammed received knowledge from an angle in his dreams?
Do you trust those claims blindly?

The new testament was written 300 years after Jesus death! And only a small part of the ‘holy text’ was included and the rest ignored and even destroyed!
The Koran was not written written by Mohammed himself, because he could not write nor read himself.

All those religions are full of holes, full of signs of manipulations, contradictions, lies.

Instead of destroying pagan religions, join them. Holy days like Christmas is not a celebration of Jesus, but copying a holy day from pagan religion. The holy mother Maria is nothing else then copying a part of the ancient, Egyptian pagan religion with the name of Isis.

The good thing is that those times are over. The biggest religion all time has changed and makes a believe worthwhile. It’s focused on inner betterment instead of murder, rape, torture and mass murder.

And ‘suddenly’ there are the Islamic extremists. And the time of murder, rape, torture and mass murder is back in its full ‘glory’.

There is only one answer to that! Wipe those zealous, misguided, ignorant fools out, before they try to do that to you and your family. Show them and everyone else the price of that stupidity, otherwise it will repeat itself again and again and again.

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